What Is A Company Search

What Is A Company Search?

The worry of a mystery is something that influences all of us. A lack of information means that you will be unable to make an informed judgment, and in the word of business, this can be make or break for a business. But why leave it all up to chance? A business search can take all of the complexities out of the equation, allowing you to decide with confidence who you carry out your business with.

Company search allows you to easily access a huge amount of information on a company, which can then be used to establish whether the company under consideration is trustworthy.

This kind of article for company search usually takes the form of the “company report” that displays information including the directors/shareholders, company accounts/financials, and any previous County Court Judgment (CCJ’s) or other legal records that are currently available.

Most company reports will then use the available information to perform a company credit check and create a “credit score report” in an attempt to quantify the level of risk that a given company poses to potential creditors.

As well as looking into the business itself, company director search providers will usually allow you to run a director search, giving you a chance to see any previous appointments on a director’s record. This kind of information permits you to take into account any previous companies the director may have had – a tip, which could confirm particularly useful if there is not much information on their current company.

When starting a new company you need to conduct a company name search to ensure your preferred business name is available. For many businesses choosing a company name is an important portion of the company formation process as several companies keep the same name throughout their existence. Checking out the availability of a company name before you start the company formation process will reduce the likelihood of the formation being refused by Companies House.

if the company name already available on the Companies House register with the exact name that you have chosen then you will not be able to use that company name. For example research online for the company name “Made simple group” will return an end result that shows the name is already in use.

Why Should You Be Using Company Searches?

Working on background checks on every company you are doing business with is an outstanding habit to get into. You might feel a little bit sneaky at first, however the reality is that you put your finances and potentially your reputation- at risk by being careless about who you associate yourself with.

Although you may do not check into every single company you deal with, there are some circumstances when performing a thorough company search is particularly recommended, such as:

  • If you are due to put a huge order with a business for the first time.
  • If a company wants to place a huge order along for the first time.
  • If you are in talks to spouse with another company.

There isn’t a need to become restless over which companies you should and shouldn’t be working with. So just start using company search recodes to your advantage now and see the benefits for yourself.

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