What Should I Know About Red House Spiders?

What Should I Know About Red House Spiders?

Are you seeing little red spiders inside of your home? You might be surprised to learn that they are actually called red house spiders. Of course, they have a very long scientific name, but they are known as red house spiders to the regular person.

Red house spiders are pretty common inside of people’s home. They are almost always a slightly red color mixed with some brown shades. Their abdomens are rather round. You may even say they are shaped like a ball. Just as a female black widow spider has a distinctive marking on the underneath side of their body, a red house spider also has a similar mark on the bottom of the body.

Are they dangerous?

The red coloring of the house spider can be frightening to many people. Because we often associate bright colored creatures to be dangerous, it is likely that the red house spider will cause fear amongst your family. The venom of a red house spider is non-necrotic meaning that it is not dangerous for your body. Unlike a brown widow bite, a bite from a red house spider will not kill your skin cells.

Why are they inside?

Red house spiders prefer to live inside of your home for a few different reasons. These particular spiders like to live in a dark cool, space. They do not like to live outside in the weather. The inside of your home is a perfect place for them to nest. Their webs are not neat like you may notice with some spiders. They are usually tangled and found close to the ground.

What do they eat?

Red house spiders mostly live on ants. The small bugs are their favorite source of food. As mentioned previously, their webs are messy and often down near the ground. The messy webs on the floor are there to help them trap small insects like ants inside of their webs. If you do happen to have a problem with a great amount of red house spiders, you are likely not going to have a problem with ants as they will eat all of them.

While red house spiders aren’t dangerous, you shouldn’t live with them inside of your home. Spiders are dirty and even if their venom is not poisonous, they are still biting your skin and bites can cause infection. If you have noticed red house spiders, or any other spiders, inside of your home you need to call Pointe Pest Control to come and remove the spiders from your home. You should be able to enjoy your home without having to fight off spiders.

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