What To Consider When Purchasing A Ladies Bike

A traditional ladies bike had a swooping frame which allowed for anyone to climb on and off the bike easily; this ensured there were no embarrassing flashes of their undergarments.  This may not be of as much importance today as many ladies choose to cycle in trousers or sports gear; they are unlikely to provide these sorts of views.

Despite this the swooping frame bike still has a place in the bicycle world and should be considered, along with the following tips, when choosing your ladies bike.


The most important question has to be what you will be using the bicycle for.  A short ride to and from your work or to the park requires a traditional ladies bike; which is easy to step on and off, has several gears and possibly even a basket for your essential items. However, if you are looking to keep fit or even enter the world of competitive racing you may prefer to look at one of the many ladies racing bikes available on the market.  The style of these is similar to the style of a man’s bike and it is designed for lightness and speed, usually with eighteen or more gears to help you cruise comfortably up and down the hills.


Different bicycles come with different numbers of gears and the gears can be set at different ratios depending upon your personal preference, type of riding and experience.  The cogs can be created in a variety of sizes to assist with the gearing.  This is a complex area, if you are looking to purchase a bike for racing or fitness it is advisable to discuss the gearing implications with your chosen dealer.  If you are looking to purchase a bicycle on the internet you will find that many online shops offer help and advice via either ‘open chat’ or email.  An online store should be well laid out with good quality pictures and an easy to use website.  One site which appears to do this extremely well is bikesorbicycles.com, which, like many of the other business online has a frequently asked questions section and dedicated, online help available the majority of the time.


The better the bike the more expensive it will generally be.  You can choose to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on a bike but you should first consider what is best for you.  If you are new to cycling then an extremely expensive bike could be a waste of money; particularly if you give up cycling after a short while.  In this instance it is better to purchase a bicycle from the lower end of the scale; you can always upgrade as you improve.  If you are a bicycle fanatic and regularly ride both for pleasure and fitness then you may prefer to spend a little more to obtain a lightweight bike with plenty of gears.


The main types of bike are mountain, road or race and it is important to pick the one that is most suitable for the type of riding you are likely to be doing.  There are also many hybrids entering the market which will allow you to ride off-road and on the road fairly easily.

The Look

No matter how good the technology you must purchase a bike that you like!  You will never be inspired to ride your bicycle if you do not like the look of it or feel uncomfortable when riding.  Test drive any bike you are considering to ensure the brakes and gears are within easy reach, this process will also help to ensure you buy the bicycle that is the correct size for you.

Finally, use the bike and enjoy it!

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