What To Do With Empty Pill Bottles

Whenever we end up having to visit the doctor we seem to come away with a bunch of new pills and prescriptions. As a result, pill bottles quickly pile up, slowly accumulating, but what should you do with them? It seems a shame to throw them away, in fact, many customers of CVS pharmacy came to regret throwing their empty bottles away when a significant redesign of the bottles left many customers yearning for the old design. You can read about the whole fiasco in this article about the attempt to recycle pill bottles CVS.

Instead of simply throwing your old prescription bottles away, here are some of the more creative ways that you can repurpose them to avoid them going to waste.

Hide Your Spare Key

Hiding a spare key near your door is a great pre-emptive measure to take in order to avoid locking yourself out of your home. Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals know this too, and they also know what the most common and obvious hiding places are. If you are planning on hiding a spare key near your front door then you need to make sure that it is well hidden and not at all obvious.

Instead of leaving your key in a mailbox, or hiding it under a welcome mat, instead you can repurpose an empty pill bottle to hide a spare key in. First of all, place your key in the empty pill bottle and glue the lid to a rock. Once you replace the lid, you will have the pill bottle containing the key attached to a rock. By burying the pill bottle portion underground and leaving the rock visible above ground you can keep a spare key near your door that is unlikely to be found by burglars.

Candle Holder

Simply taking some empty pill bottles, painting them, and gluing them together will give you some unique looking candle holders. Combined with some tea light candles, this can make a very effective centerpiece. Try and experiment with creating a step effect and having candles positioned at different heights.

Jewelry Holder

Pill bottles are the perfect size to hold small items such as jewelry which can easily become lost. Most types of jewelry should fit inside a pill bottle. Whether you want something to keep your jewelry organized at home, or you want something that allows you to take your jewelry with you when you travel, then an empty pill bottle is the perfect solution.

Rainbow Crayons

If you have toddlers, then they will probably sometimes use crayons to draw or write. If they do, then you will be used to having broken pieces of crayon scattered about your home. By taking those small pieces of crayon, melting them down, and pouring them into a pill bottle, you can leave them to dry and create jumbo rainbow crayons. These larger crayons will better suit your toddlers and wont snap so easily.

There are endless ways that you can repurpose your empty pill bottles, the only limit is your own creativity. They make excellent storage devices and can also be used in a variety of other arts and crafts.

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