What’s The Purpose Of Safety Signs?

Where would we be without safety signs? With so many laws and legislations knocking about, it’s so easy to forget protocol within the workplace. However, safety signs can make all of the difference, helping to remind employees and customers how they can remain safe.

A safety sign provides clear navigation and instruction for what to do if a hazard was to arise. The information incorporated on the safety signs is easy to digest and ensures all employees adhere to safety procedures. But what makes these signs so effective?


The colour of a safety sign is dependent on its purpose.

A yellow sign is symbolical for a warning. If you see a yellow sign it’ll be drawing your attention to something. A red sign is slightly different; this prohibits you from accessing an area or doing something, for instance, “No Smoking”. The purpose of the red safety signs is to prevent any harm. What about a blue sign? These are known as mandate signs, highlighting what you can do to eliminate hazards or at least reduce the severity. With a green sign, this is helping you to reach safety, take a fire exit sign for example.


The team at HFE Signs can produce any safety sign that you may need for your business. The shape of the sign is specific to its purpose.

The triangle is used for the yellow warning signs whereas the square is normally used for the green safety signs. For the prohibit and mandate signs, these are both shaped in a circle, the colour of these will determine what action is required.


HFE Signs provide safety signs that can be adapted to any environment, whether it be on a construction site or in a hospital. The safety signs can be attached to walls, fences and other pieces of equipment to alert employees and visitors of any hazards.


All businesses will have health and safety legislations to adhere to, even yours. In order to do so, you’ll need to have safety signs fitted across your premises to act as a reminder of the do’s and don’ts on site. It’s a legal requirement. All businesses must have safety signs located around the workplace to inform and warn employees of the dangers they may be faced with.

Fast paced environments.

HFE Signs also supply safety signs for all businesses types. They will design your signs to suit your specific requirements with regards to size. In fast-paced environments, the need for safety signs is inevitable. Needless to say, without safety signs, a person could end up injured because they weren’t wearing a safety helmet. A sign could have been applied somewhere for all to see, stating that safety helmets must be worn, ultimately minimising any injuries.


Choosing safety signs from HFE Signs can have countless benefits for your business, one being affordability. HFE Signs can help you to save money by providing you with an efficient service. In addition to this, your business can operate safely if you have warning signs displayed around your business, ultimately enabling you to reduce the number of injuries, accidents and deaths imposed by poor safety signage.

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