When to Have Them Talk to Your Lawyer

Canada is a free country governed by laws, not man. While this in many ways is ideal, it also means that it behooves you to know the law or hire someone who does. Now, you don’t need to contact a lawyer every time you fill out a form or sign a document, but their services can help you immensely in some situations.

Not every lawyer is right for every circumstance. When it comes to managing many of the affairs in your life, there is a lawyer trained to handle that specific issue. If you don’t have the time to attend law school, then read on to learn just a little bit about a few times when it’s best to call a someone who already has.

Estate planning

Planning your estate is one of those things that no one really wants to do, but everyone should do. Estate planning is how you ensure that your property is managed the way you want it to be in the case of your passing. If you have children who are minors, then you need to establish who you want to continue their care. It also entails reducing your tax liability by setting up trusts for beneficiaries and making annual contributions to charitable organizations.

Estate planning is not something that anyone looks forward to, but it could do those you leave behind a lot of good. You could settle a lot of issues before they have the opportunity to arise by making your last wishes known and cemented.

After a serious injury

Debilitating injuries can rock your world in numerous ways. There are the matters of excruciating pain, expensive medical bills, possible permanent disability, and the loss of wages. All of those things affect not only you, but your family as well.

If you have been injured in an incident and it is the fault of someone else, then you should certainly call a personal injury lawyer. The liable party, whether it a business or a driver’s insurance company, will try to do what’s best for them financially. A personal injury attorney can make sure that those who are liable for your injury don’t get away with not compensating you fully for your undue hardship.

If you are an artist or inventor

If you are an artist or an inventor, then you should turn to a lawyer to help to protect your intellectual property. You may have the next million-dollar idea, but you need to make sure that everything that you create is truly recognized as yours. An intellectual property attorney’s job is to make sure that you are current on all paperwork pertaining to the rights of your creations. This ensures that you are the only party that can use your work or your ideas for proprietorial purposes.

When you are opening a business

There is a lot of paperwork associated with opening your own business. There are ever-changing regulations and taxes to be concerned with. In theory, you don’t need a business lawyer to open a business, but they can help you avoid issues that often lead to business failures.

Having a lawyer to get your business zoned, licensed, insured and everything else necessary to make you operational, will allow you to focus elsewhere. Hiring a business lawyer to handle the more intricate issues associated with opening a business could be what causes you to succeed where others have failed.

Life has so many curveballs that it can throw, but Canada has laws in place that can protect you from many of those. If you don’t know the law to a T, then you should at least know when to call someone who does.

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