Where to Find The Luxury You Deserve

Where to Find The Luxury You Deserve

In this world which appears to spinning ever faster towards chaos and destruction, we all deserve a bit of luxury. If one thing helps to keep off the anxiety of the great global events we can have no influence over, it’s creating a little pocket of luxury in our lives where you can relax.

Today we’re taking a look at just where you can find that luxury, whether it’s in high end boutique shops like Czech & Speake for fragrances and accessories or created in the comfort of your own home – likely to be more achievable and kinder to your wallet!


The first thing to do is work out what would really help. What you value, and what would make a real difference to your life and state of mind if it was improved beyond all recognition.

If you’re focussed on always looking your best, indulging in some luxurious grooming products man that that becomes even more of a pleasure, and contributes to your mental wellbeing as well your style, whereas for someone who relaxes by disappearing into a book, expensive fragrance or moisturiser is a waste of resources.

Making the Difference

Once you’ve identified the area you want to work on, the key is working out how to make a material difference; that’s how you find the luxury you deserve in your life.

Let’s return to the example of the reader we were looking at above. For someone who relaxes, recharges and grounds their anxiety by diving into a book, merely buying another book is satisfying but doesn’t upgrade the whole experience in the way we’re looking for.

When we’re looking for luxury, we’re looking for a qualitative change in the experience not merely more of it. Our reader will benefit more from creating a cosy nook or shelter in their home to read in, a dedicated corner that they can lavish attention on and in turn feel ensconced in luxury when they retreat to it.

A comfortable armchair needn’t be too expensive: furniture shops like IKEA can supply them, and you can diffuse the characterless nature of mass market furniture with throughs, blankets and cushions. You can go on to add a lamp at exactly the right height and orientation to keep your book lit without awkward glare, a table for snacks and drinks, and nearby shelves to store your library. With relatively little expense you’ve created a haven out of your hobby and found the luxury in your life.

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