Why An Addiction Counseling Certification Can Help You Further Your Career

Why An Addiction Counseling Certification Can Help You Further Your Career

Earning an addiction counseling certification is a worthy goal.  This is one of the most needed roles in the field of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.  With this kind of designation, there will be a lot of opportunities that will open up for you in the addiction field.  Here are some of the reasons why a CADC or other certification will advance your career in addiction counseling.

1. Finding the Right Job Will Be Easier

If you have this certification, the number of jobs that you can apply for in different rehabs, hospitals and schools will increase dramatically.  That means it will be easier to find the job that you want.  Since there are many jobs in the addiction field that you can adequately fulfill, you can select the best companies with the best facilities, the best employee arrangements and benefits and the best pay.  

2. The Job Outlook for Certified Counselors Is Very Promising

Substance abuse has already affected over 20 million people in the United States, and their numbers are growing.  The good thing is that a majority of these people are seeking treatment.  Business wise, this is a good picture for those who are pursuing a career in addiction counseling.  

Addicts can be considered as customers for drug and alcohol counselors.  As the numbers of customers are growing, so will the need for more counselors.  That means, there will be a growing need for your services.  Although this may seem to a selfish point of view, nevertheless, it shows a positive picture of your future.  And if you carry the appropriate license or certification, your services will be very much in demand, by patients, and by rehab centers, schools, and hospitals.

Consider this fact: there are an estimated 22.2 million individuals, 12 years and older, who were considered substance dependent to a degree.  In 2005, a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration report stated that “By 2010, the need for addictions professionals and licensed treatment staff with graduate-level degrees is expected to increase by 35 percent.” If you have the right certification, you will be in a better position to take advantage of the growth in the addiction field.

Why Do I Need Certification?

You need to be certified because it is the only way of credentialing an individual who requests that he be allowed to provide counseling to drug and alcohol dependents.  Most drug and alcohol treatment rehab centers and hospitals in the country require this certification or license before they allow an individual to be part of their treatment programs.

With this CADC or Certified Addictions and Drug Counselor under your belt, it means you have the education, the training, the skills and the work experience in treating people who abuse drugs and alcohol.  This certification distinguishes you from the other mental health workers that may also provide help to the drug and alcohol addicts.  In addition, there are different proficiency levels within the job of addiction counseling.  

Do You Really Need To Be Certified?

Many states are now adopting the policy of hiring only counselors who have the proper certification.  That means you really need to get this certification if you want to pursue this career.  A certification or a license will also dramatically enhance your progress through the ranks.

This document signifies that you are very much qualified to do the job because you have already acquired all the right things that will make you effective in treating drug and alcohol dependents.  You might also want to get a national certification and not just your state certification.  Having this type of document will even enhance your promotion in this field of mental health treatment.

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