Why Are Accidents Always Blamed On The Motorcyclist?

Why Are Accidents Always Blamed On The Motorcyclist?

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are often pegged unfairly as being risk-takers and adrenaline-seekers. Those stereotypes often lead to motorcyclists being blamed for accidents that were not in fact their fault.

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the reasons that motorcyclists are often blamed for traffic accidents and how to protect yourself in the event that you are unfairly accused of causing an accident that was not your fault.

Motorcyclists Are Seen as Risk-Takers

An undeniable aspect of motorcycle riding’s allure is that it allows a freedom that passenger cars can’t offer. While it’s true that some cyclists exercise poor judgment on the road, many others motorcycle riders, most likely the majority, practice safe driving.

These stereotypes about motorcyclists can cause real legal damage in cases where riders are blamed for accidents that they didn’t actually cause. In many cases, these false accusations add insult to injury for riders and their families when the accident causes serious physical damage, as is often the case in accidents involving motorcycles.

When you are facing the common legal problems that plague law-abiding motorcyclists, contact an experienced motorcycle lawyer like those at Iron Horse Motorcycle Lawyers. They can help you defend against inaccurate accusations and help you get a settlement if you’re entitled to one.

Motorcycles Are Difficult to See

Another reason that motorcyclists often receive the blame following an accident is that motorbikes are notoriously difficult to see from passenger cars. As a result, the onus is shifted to the rider to avoid collisions.

In many cases, whether truthfully or not, many drivers claim that they could not see the motorcycle involved in the collision, leaving the rider without legal recourse.

The truth is that the danger posed to motorcyclists on the road will only be reduced when drivers are required to undergo more extensive training so that they are aware of the possibility of an unseen motorbike when navigating traffic. That way, we can raise awareness of how motorcyclists and car drivers can co-exist safely on the road.

Bad Weather Affects Motorcycle Safety

Driving in the elements—rain, snow, wind, and other types of bad weather—is more difficult on a bike than in a car. As a result, when an accident occurs, the blame is often automatically and unfairly shifted to the motorcyclist driver.

Always know your rights. If you are accused of being responsible for a traffic incident that you did not cause, maintain your calm and contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Motorcyclists can protect themselves by always exercising the utmost caution on the road and by advocating for their rights in the legal realm.

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