Why Do You Need A Privacy Screen?

Why Do You Need A Privacy Screen?

It sounds weird. It looks weird. Well, it’s bearable since it’s a necessary evil. Don’t you find it annoying when the woman on the aisle next to you tries to steal a glimpse of your screen as your furiously type into your laptop while chugging a cup of coffee. What is their problem?! It’s my life! Be it children or nosy co-workers, it makes sense that you get this important add-on to further secure your PC.

Here is where this wonderful little accessory comes to play.

A privacy filter distorts the side viewing angles of the screen to prevent others from accessing the display. As you look from the front, the viewing of the screen looks fine and sound but it begins to blur as you move to the sides. Though keep in mind that the size of the filter needs to be carefully measured as to provide a comfortable viewing experience and not be a hindrance.

Tips to measure your screen

Things you’ll need

1 Measuring Tape 1 Pen 1 Sheet of Paper

Computer screens (as their television counterparts) are generally measured across diagonal corners. The very first generation of monitors had a slightly circular screen, making it possible only to measure them via their diameters. As technology progressed and monitors grew in size and transformed in shape, the measurements remained and till date, we use the diagonal way of checking the size.

For the sake of simplicity, a diagonal measurement gives a single unit answer considering the other measurement terms where it would possibly be two or more. As most screens have almost similar aspect ratio to their counterparts, the diagonal measurement is regarded as a easier and correct way of measuring the screen ration.

Ensure that you measure just the viewing area as the casing doesn’t count for coverage.

Pull the tape across the screen to the opposite corner and write down the measurements.

Now comes the calculations part, so bear with me.

Divide the top measurement with the opposite measurement, which will give you the measurement for the aspect ratio. It might not be the most accurate calculation but will give you an approximate value for the aspect ratio needed.

When you do decide to buy a frameless filter, ensure that the size is exact.

As for framed filers, choose one that either matches your screen size or a slightly bigger one

Why Do You Need A Privacy Screen?

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