Why Electronic Pulse Massager Is Very Useful In Our Daily Life

If you are suffering from a sudden muscular pain, an Electronic pulse massager is the best device for you to get relief from pain. It works electronically. This device helps you by loosening your stiff muscles, increases blood circulation, gives you relief from everyday aches and pain of neck, shoulder, legs etc.

Pain in different parts of our body muscles is now a common thing in daily life. People may suffer from this muscle pain due to accident, arthritis, old age factors or some kind of physical injury or by sudden heat on the time of physical exercise, etc.  It’s not always possible to go to the therapist every time. But if you ignore this type of pain in your muscles, it may cause a permanent pain in that particular body part. So, inthat case, you can use portable a handheld electronic pulse massager in your home by yourself on that place of pain to get relief fast.

What is an Electronic Pulse Massager?

Pulse massager is an accu-relief dual channel TENS electrography pain relief system device. This is also known as an EMS (electrical muscle stimulator) unit. You can use this massager by yourself at home. It’s very easy to use and handy. This type of muscle stimulator is very effective for the pain in shoulder,neck, back, waist, legs and more.

Some Attractive Features

  • Small and very light weight. It’s not bigger or heavier than a remote control.
  • Looks very trendy and smart. Anybody can use it easily.
  • To see the measurements, there is a large LED display for your convenience.
  • Buttons are big enough and clearly visible on the device. And also clearly leveled with ‘shoulder’, ‘neck’,’ waist ‘ etc.
  • Installed with auto stimulated programs and selectable massage settings, along with fully adjustable speed and intensity.

How it Works

This type of pulse massager is an accu-relief electronic device and it is used at the pain relief centre by placing pad on the injured area. This can be your shoulder, neck, waist or leg, etc. That pad of the device will be on that particular area or around. Those pads send electrical pulses to that injured area of the muscle. This is how the physiotherapy works and this type of accu-relief therapy is beneficial in reducing stiffness of the muscles and increasing blood flow or blood circulation on that area of the muscle and increasing healing of pain.

Sometimes using this type of TENSelectrography pain relief system is the best option for the patient of neurological deficit, stroke patient and/or post surgical patient. They need electric muscle stimulation to prevent muscle atrophy by firing and activating the muscles to reduce their pain.

Uses of the Pulse Massager

  • Sometimes electrical stimulation is used for mending broken bones, healing wounds and pain.
  • Electrical stimulation can be used at a very low level of current to help in decreasing the muscle pain.
  • This type of pulse massager with electrical stimulation is very helpful when the muscles loose strength and unable to contact on their own.
  • It helps reducing pain sensation in a very fast way.
  • Decreasing swelling is a good help from the massager.
  • You can also use this electronic stimulator for getting general muscle tone.


Treat yourself to the therapeutic benefits of electric pulse massage at home by using a pulse massager, which is portable, handheld TENS unit muscle stimulator for pain management.

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