Why Furniture Product Reviews Matter

Online furniture stores usually have product reviews for the buyers to read. In furniture online shopping, you can only see the pictures of the furniture products to choose from. Unlike going to a physical furniture shop, you can’t see and feel the texture of the furniture you are going to buy. This is one of the reasons why buyers need to read product reviews. Why do furniture product reviews in buying furniture online matter?


Product reviews have become more important in the absence of the ability to test products before purchasing online. This is not usually a concern for a brick-and-mortar stores wherein you can see and feel the real product. Buying online is way different because you only have to rely on the pictures that are posted in the furniture websites. Sometimes, what you see in the photo may look different when your furniture is delivered in your home. Before purchasing furniture, you have to look for product ratings to see if the product is reliable enough to use. Look for good reviews. A helpful furniture review will inform you what kind of furniture you expect to find. This includes style, quality and price points. Sometimes when you read bad reviews, this is very helpful because it will let you know what worst scenario you can expect. This can also let you weigh down the pros and cons of the furniture products you are going to buy online.

Why Furniture Product Reviews Matter

Disregard Complaints About Customer Service

Sometimes you can read about complaints in the customer service. If you read carefully, some reviews are not about the furniture itself but about their experience of the buying process. Those who have complaints are usually more likely to write. Satisfied customers are too busy enjoying their product purchase that they don’t bother to write. But still, it’s good to know and read about the positive reviews of the furniture they recently purchased. If you go through furniture customer reviews, they are usually talking or complaining a bad customer service or the delivery people causing damage of the furniture the buyer bought.  Dissatisfaction with custom furniture orders may also lead to negative reviews but this has nothing to do with the furniture itself. Again, it is the retail operation which did not do their job well.

Furniture Manufacturer Defects

Examples of manufacturer defects are the furniture that jiggles or have jagged edges upon arriving. Or it could be that the patterns are not properly aligned as you want them to. Sometimes the mechanism of the furniture does not operate smoothly. When you read customer reviews, this is the aspect that you should be paying more attention. If you read consistent complaints about the furniture itself, then think twice before buying the furniture. In case the furniture that you ordered have these defects upon arriving your home, any good furniture online can exchange that furniture for you. That is why you should always know about the return or exchange policy of the furniture before you buy.

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