Why Grey Living Room Is Becoming Popular

When choosing the design and color theme for a living room, many homeowners nowadays are contemplating a modern type which ensures that their room design will not go out of style easily.

Of the various colors available for a current style, grey has been largely considered and appreciated for the sophistication, elegance and most importantly, its contemporary feel that it brings out.

Below are some of the reasons that makes grey living room ideas a popular choice and that grey is replacing the more common beige and white as the main color theme in home these days.

1) Various Pleasant Shades

Besides the more common dark grey and light grey, there are other eye-pleasing shades like silver gray, gainsboro, dim grey, platinum grey, gun metal grey and more. These shades offer the homeowners different color combinations.

Regardless if your preferred style is the darker or lighter version, you will likely find one tone that suits your liking, be it the wallpaper or furniture. All these tones are present-day and creates a warmth feeling to your living room.

2) A Combination of Grey and White Offers an Expressive Theme

While we just mention that grey is become a popular choice over white for the theme for living room, it does not mean that these 2 well-liked colors are mutually exclusive.

Homeowners and interior designers can combine grey and white that delivers flexibility when they experiment with these 2 colors. White, being a neutral color, is a suitable color for furniture like chairs, white leather couches, and other living room accessories. Grey will be used for the walls, doors and ceilings.

Your living room will surely exude glamour and opulence when you use this simple but expressive color combination.

3) The Optimum Background Color for Strong Color Accents

Including bold and intense colors in their living room for are becoming a common design in homeowners who seek a room that speaks their adventurous personality.

These bold colors can be found in furniture and living room accessories. For the best contrast without being overbearing, using a grey backdrop lets you focus on the furniture while offering a calming effect in the space behind.

Your gray living room will become an enticing living space that forms an extension of your character that your guests who visit you will certainly notice.

4) A Stylish and Formal Design

As we have discussed, the most alluring aspect of gray is that it can change our living room into a lively and modern look, while still retaining some formal aspect which you may want a living room to project.

Consider adding a focal point like a zebra rug or modern metallic lamps which will make your room a formal and modern central part of your home.


Grey can be a complicate color to choose, but if you can balance properly, you will surely be satisfied with the outcome. Consult an experience interior designer or refer to numerous home improvement and design magazines for reference before making any decision.

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