Why Is Fibreglass The Most Happening Material Now?

Why Is Fibreglass The Most Happening Material Now?

The year 2016 is quite promising for people who want to make a great investment in the FRP industry. With recent researches showing a number of opportunities, it is hard to ignore any of them. The research that has recently been published put lights on the major FRP players in the industry, not just of specific regions, but also highlights on the international players.

What is Canada Using?

This year even we saw Canada’s city engineers choosing a stronger material for their new bridge system in Ottawa. Yes, they have opted for fibre-reinforced polymer FRP beams for this huge project. This is a great step towards reinforcement. They have been planning to make changes or should I say improvements to their Minto bridges and with choosing this material, they have probably leaped a great step in encouraging FRP usage.

Words from the Constructor

Scott Reeve, who is the president of the company that grabbed this project said – “Quick installation was another deciding factor because contractors were under a deadline to get the Minto Bridge East deck installed before winter weather set in,” He also said that –“Also, our products are integrated with features that make a contractor’s job easier and more cost effective.”

The Features of the FRP Bridge

The whole system of the bridge has been refurbished with better bridge connections, applied polymer concentrate and curb attachments. Along with this, there have been changes in the deck panel breadth of the bridge. This usually differed from 14 inches right at the core to 12 inches on the exterior. With this, the engineers also added a cross-slope for perfect water drainage. The best FRP polymer floor beams have been installed for the perfect support.

The Future

The installation process completed in the December 2015 and the work over the bridge will probably get over in a few months time in the year 2016. Every new step in using FRP materials for construction projects is making the business a good option for investment. The best news for new investors is that – with good investment in the industry now, they are more likely to get a good return within a year’s time.

The research has covered a complete analysis of business prospects in FRP industry. This is among the many reasons why people need to start showing interest in this field. There will soon be a time in the future when there won’t be cement core materials, but polymer.

Disneyland Adopts FRP

The story just not ends here. The material is also doing the rounds in other countries, for instance in Shanghai, where this material has been exclusively used for making their Disneyland for “Tomorrowland”. Yes, the different FRP molds have been carefully designed for creating a future world in the famous amusement park for children. The amusement part even used Fibreglass sections for constructing their restaurants and hangout places. This clearly shows how the composite material is getting ahead in business.

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