Why It Is Important That You Always Pick The Unabridged Version Of Any Book?

If you are new to reading books, then abridged and unabridged might just be those two terms which surrounds all your wonders, awe and confusion as well. While most of your friends might just tell you to get an abridged version, few will take the side of unabridged ones. Why is this the case? Are the abridged versions better than the unabridged versions? According to proclaimed book critic and enthusiast Natalie Walet, this is a topic where opinions might vary from one to another but still when one has the desire to get the real sap out of any literary form, unabridged versions are the best way to do that. But then again this is not just something which can be made clear by an one liner. Therefore, there is an utter need of running an analysis on the matter and then only will the truth surface as it should.

In general, when people starts reading for the first time which is generally done at a young age, then the abridged books are the ones which are preferred and opted for almost in all instances. And the truth is that this fits perfectly for the young and the less nurtured mind as because a mind which knows little of anything won’t be able to grasp the vast detailing and mood settings of the unabridged versions. But the question arises elsewhere. It is basically one’s age and maturity which often acts as a relative thing affecting the decision that whether one should choose an abridged version of a book or rather go for an unabridged one.

For a person who has been reading for quite sometime and also falls on the side of early or late teens or above, then the very idea of opting for an abridged version of a book is a unsettling one. What one often fails to realize is that the abridged version of a book is not even the book at the first place but it is only an incarnation of the real thing just as an idol is to God. An abridged version of any book is just a cheap and concise edited copy of the real one, hence if one thinks that the abridged version is an alternative to the unabridged one, it is only a misconception. Many times it has been seen that the stories are distorted and a lot different from the original one.

There are even abridged versions of books which does not captures the thought process of the real author but only the perspective of the one who has edited it. Therefore, standing at a point like this, it is only a matter of choice that whether one would like to see the full picture with their own eyes or with someone else’s. As per Natalie Walet, a topic like this can rarely be concluded to a single point but still it is only a fact that a book is only worth a read when one picks up an authentic unabridged version containing every details there is to it.

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