Why Should You Hire New Jersey Marijuana Defense Attorney?

Getting caught on marijuana charges can have serious impact on your personal and professional life. If the court convicts you, you could face severe setbacks like criminal charges, termination of your driver’s license, hefty fines, or even have to face a jail sentence.

If you have marijuana charges on your record, then it would become extremely difficult for you to find desirable jobs. It will also be very difficult for you to enroll yourself in recognized educational institutes. Most of the institutes and companies do background check on their students or employees, and they will learn about the pending charges.

If you are charged with possession Marijuana, then the penalty or sentence will depend on the following:

  • Alleged weight of hashish or pot involved in your case
  • Possession of Marijuana for distribute
  • Whether you are charged of selling, possessing or growing hashish or cannabis
  • The area were alleged marijuana crime occurred like around a school
  • Being charged for selling drugs to a pregnant woman or minor
  • Alleged use of Marijuana equipment and many more

You do not have to get scared by these potential consequences. Now you can take control of the situation by hiring reputed lawyers. If you reside in New Jersey, then it is recommended that you get in touch with Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio. They will start working on your case, as soon as you approach them, and make effective defense strategies.

Understanding How a New Jersey Lawyer Help You with Weed Charges?

No matter what you are charged with marijuana related crime as a juvenile or an adult, you have the rights that needs to be protected. For instance, you have the right to be free of awkward seizure and search.

Besides, you also have the rights to be presumed not guilty unless the prosecuting attorney proves you responsible for the crime beyond suspicion. By hiring a lawyer, you can be sure that those rights are without a doubt protected. They’ll also ensure that you are not penalized or sentenced for long.

What to Expect From Your Lawyer?

They will first gather all the evidences and carefully examine them. Then, your lawyer will ensure that the prosecutor abides by all the with NJ discovery laws and passes on the evidences of your case. These evidences will be then examined to identify any potential weakness in your prosecution’s case.

After that:

Excluding evidence – Unlawfully evidences gathered by the prosecution such as stopped and searched you without any probable cause or suspicion that you possess marijuana will be thrown out.

Issues in chain of custody – Right from the time hash, pot, papers, pipes or any other items are seized by the cops, there should be proper documentation indicating how it was stored and handled. In case the prosecution fails to do so, this evidence could be ruled out.

Cannabis lab report – The prosecution needs to prove that the substance discovered from you is hashish or marijuana as well as prove its weight, which is only done through a lab report.

In any case, the evidences are excluded, the pot possession, cultivation or distribution charges against you can be dropped.

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