Why Upgrade Refrigeration To A Sub Zero Pro 48?

If you are in the market for a new refrigerator, Sub Zero offers the solution in long-term appliances that provide an elegant look that is almost without compare. The refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in a home. Make this next investment one that you will be proud to show off.

Versatility In Storage

There is a lot of diversity allowed for storage in a Sub Zero Pro 48. Separating some foods from others is necessary to avoid transferring of odors, which will be detrimental to flavors. You can have all of the quality and food storage capabilities used by professional chef’s, right in your own kitchen. The built-in controls of temperature and humidity help guarantee your foods stay fresher, longer.

Customize Crisper Drawers

The pull-out crisper drawer has the unique ability to compartmentalize all of your fruits and vegetables. The size of the compartments can be altered as the supplies of one item dwindles, allowing available space for something else. You have the power to organize the drawer in a way that makes the most sense for your use.

Digital Temperature and Humidity Readout

The Pro 48 by Sub Zero allows you to see the temperature and humidity at a glance with a digital readout feature. You can make any needed adjustment with the hideaway panel inside the unit, behind the door. You can adjust temperature, humidity and make any necessary adjustments to the ice making qualities.

Durable Shelving

All of the shelving is made of glass that is designed for long life and extended use. They are made for easy removal and quick cleaning. They are strong enough to securely offer the surface needed to contain all your perishable items. The look is professional and clean.

Sculpted Chrome Built-In Looks

The Sub Zero Pro 48 is not a refrigerator that looks as if it were stamped off of a factory line. Careful attention to detail gives the unit a built-in custom look. The sculpted chrome features adds real elegance to your kitchen. This is one refrigerator that you will be happy to have in your home.

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