Why Wood Makes The Best Garden Furniture

For many people the garden is part of the home they take a lot of pride in, and for it to look as nice as possible you want to furnish it appropriately. Here are a few reasons why wood furniture is a great addition to your garden.

Why should you choose Wood?

These days there are a number of different materials available when it comes to garden furniture. Each have their advantages depending on the style of garden you’re trying to create. Wood tends to be a more popular choice because it offers a number of advantages, where other materials tend to come up short in comparison.

The furniture you put in your garden needs to be strong and reliable, as it will be outside against the elements and also be at risk to damage. This is why you want a solid material like wood; it won’t crack like plastic or rust like metal. Not only making it more reliable, but also a lot safer as other materials may break and become unsafe. Especially if you have children running around the garden, broken plastic could prove to be dangerous.

Which wood should you choose?

Once you’ve made the decision and have chosen wooden furniture, you then have to choose which type of wood will be best suited for your garden. There are many different types so it’s important to take the time to decide which wood will be most durable, and weather resistant. You will have to take into account variables like where the furniture will be positioned, because certain woods may suffer from too much sunlight or by taking in too much moisture from wet grass.


A dense and durable hardwood capable of withstanding the elements. Sealing can preserve its rich golden brown colour. If left untreated you will want to use it for patio furniture, as constant contact with damp ground will cause it to lose colour.


A good choice for garden furniture as it is resistant to both insects and rot. As one of the lighter woods it is ideal if at anytime you decide to rearrange your furniture set up. Keep in mind that as one of the softer woods it’s more likely to dent and scratch, but as it retains water it’s more resistant to cracking.


Not only is it durable and weathers well, but it is also naturally resistant to insects and rot. It’s a good idea to use a coat of sealer because much like cedar, it tends to be soft so the risk of dents and scratches is higher.


One of the most traditional types of wood, which will give your garden a rustic theme. Its very dense and durable so the risk of damage will be substantially lower compared to softer woods. It also has the advantage of taking to varnish very well, so with the right treatment you will have a fine piece of furniture to admire for years. As a widely available wood it means you will be able to get oak furniture at a lot better prices, compared to more uncommon types of wood.

When you buy furniture of any kind it’s important to take into account all of the risks and advantages of where it will be placed. Which is why it’s especially important to choose the right type of wood for your garden furniture. Consider the surface it will be placed on, if it will be in the sun or shade and for people who’re enthusiastic about a theme, how it will fit in with the style of your garden.

Nick Halls is the founder of Rustic Oak, a bespoke oak furniture craftsmen based in Essex. Nick designs and crafts a range of oak beam furniture in their workshop based in Chelmsford, Essex.

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