Why You Should Hire Architect Before Buying Apartment

Why You Should Hire Architect Before Buying Apartment

Most of the home owners are concerned on one thing that is the location of the apartment. If you go and ask what’s the one thing you want to know about property, the immediate answer is location. It’s the neighborhood and the proximity of the location, how near to the city, how far the  property is from the schools. Yes this is how the parents assess the  property to their children. However one should hire the architect before buying the apartment. We recently moved to 2 bhk apartments in thanisandra. Before moving we took architect to check how good the apartment is. Architect recommended to buy the apartment where the sun light directly comes from North direction. You can control the light in all the seasons be it summer or winter. That’s the best part if you are having door on north side.

The next aspect architect do see is ventilation. Where these windows are and how big these windows are. Limited ventilation means limited air that is really bad for elders and also for children. There are two more benefits having good ventilation that is you get natural air no need to rely heavily on the air conditioners. There are two more advantages having great ventilation that is you get common air no compelling reason to depend intensely reporting in real time conditioners. On the off chance that you see another point to this you can spare a considerable measure of vitality in the mid year season. The another advantage to this your dividers won’t get mold. Dividers will be constantly dry, that too on shower Roms and kitchen you won’t get mold and smell. You will have best hygienic life in the event that you select the overwhelming ventilation house.If you see another angle to this you can save a lot of energy in the summer season. The another benefit to this your walls won’t get mould. Walls will be always dry, that too on bath Roms and kitchen you won’t get mold and odour. You will have best hygienic life if you opt the heavy ventilation house.

Also check how kitchens and bathrooms are well located and connected to the rest house. Because even while renovation you can work very well with the spacious bathrooms and large kitchens. Your costly items will be in the bathrooms and kitchens and you need more space to move while renovation.

Complement antique items with wooden pallets.

Pallets will always add the feeling of luxury in the house.  Buy extra durability pallets and put only one antique item on the palette. Let there antique item get there breathing space and focus. Put the short white linen on the pallets and put your favourites old antique items on the top of the palate.  For instance put 19th century theatrical piece on the palate table in the living room or place vintage you on there palate that is in the garden.  You can also decorate the shelf with chabbychic.

Balance the modern and antique design equally.  If you ask the ratio there answer is 50% modern design and 50% antique.  The mix and match of antique with modern art makes you unique home decor design.

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