Will McHale – Captaincy and Leading Successful Teams

While many people might seek higher positions, and try their might to achieve it, many others would try to work in their existing position and achieve a lot more there itself. Both are fine, as long as your focus is set right. For a footballer, setting his eyes on getting a goal is as important as to follow a strict discipline and achieve success. Easier said than done, you may think but not everyone can become a leader though he may have been playing for a long time. But a person who has played the game with all his heart and who has been playing for the team for a long time, knowing and understanding the game, will understand the nuances of the game very well and be even a good captain.

Will McHale is one such example of a player who later became a captain. His journey started when he played for Notre Dame and was their linebacker player. His fame grew and slowly he started to play with Detroit Tigers team. Now, as the team captain, he has championed many successes for the team and has become one of the favorite players in the team.

Hailing from the Old Greenwich, Will McHalehas sports in his blood with his father and grandfather playing and being active in sports. His grandfather John McHale Senior was an athlete, a baseball and a renowned football player in his times and Will’s father John McHale too is an athlete and with solid love for the sports. His current position as the Executive Vice President in Major Baseball League just shows how intensely he loves the game. With such background, it is quite natural that right as he was pursuing graduation in Political Science in Pierson, Will began contemplating a serious career in football.

One thing led to another and soon enough Will McHale became a captain of Detroit Tigers. A captain not only leads the team or dictates moves and strategies with his team. Rather, a captain only becomes a leader when he identifies his team members’ skills and knowledge and works towards developing those. This is when he becomes a true player of great mettle and earns his position in the team.

Captaincy is not easy and when you have different minds to influence and people to motivate in the team and that too at all times of the day and throughout the match, it becomes a tough job indeed. Challenges would arise aplenty, but that is just as fine when you know the best way to reach your goal with your team members. You should be able to face plenty of obstacles and slowly reach the goal. A captain with experience of playing in other valuable positions in the team would know the best ways and the advantages that each position would offer. Counting on this kind of information, the other team members would benefit by playing the game of football as per his guidance and following his lead.

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