Win Back Customers with AdWords Remarketing

Remarketing is a fantastic form of advertising that enables you to advertise to those that have shown an interesting your company and/or products or services. Losing these customers is hugely frustrating, but remarketing allows you to easily bring them back to your website to complete a transaction at a later date.

There are few things more frustrating in business than seeing an interested customer slip through your fingers. Potential customers will frequently show interest in a product on your website and even place this in their online basket, only to then leave the site without making the purchase. This is a lot more frustrating than visitors showing no interest, but fortunately, there is a terrific way to win these customers back and get them to complete the transaction.


This is knows as remarketing. Remarketing allows you to position targeted adverts in front of those that have previously visited your website and shown an interest in your products. Essentially, it continues to remind them of the product and your business whilst they continue to surf the web. Google AdWords manages these ads which are visible on web pages on the Google Display Network (which is a lot).

How does it Work?

AdWords Remarketing works by placing cookies on the visitor’s computer when they meet certain criteria. The cookie ID is then added to the remarketing list, which allows you to display certain ads to those on this list. You can create different lists, such as ones for those that added a product to their basket but did not complete the order or those that visit a particular page.


One of the major advantages of using this type of advertising is the fact that it has very high conversion rates. Unlike other forms of advertising, remarketing involves accurately targeting those that are already interested in what you are selling. Sometimes consumers need reminding at a later time – this could be just after payday or after work when they are in a better mood.

Another benefit is that you can upsell products to customers after they have made a purchase. Retaining customers is key to success and showing them what else they could buy as they browse the web is a great way to bring them back to your website. Selling to existing customers is much easier than attracting new ones.

Remarketing is also great for brand exposure as you are advertising both before and after the purchase. By reminding a consumer of your company at all times, it means that you will be the first business to come to mind when they need your products or services.

Finally, remarketing is cost effective and delivers strong ROI. It has a similar model to pay per click advertising where the advertiser only pays you only pay when the user clicks on the ad, so the high conversion rates make this a very cost-effective form of advertising.

Remarketing is a powerful tool that reduces lost leads and allows you to bring consumers back to your website to complete transactions.

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