Window AC Or Central Air Conditioning Installation in Brooklyn- What Is Your Pick?

As you go down many of the streets in Brooklyn, you do not have to be worried about the people on the streets. Barging into one will not do any harm to you, at least not  physically, but you should think of the dangers that might fall over you from above. No, we are not speaking of any bird droppings here, or of God’s wrath but what is referred to here is to the many window ac units that sits or often just dangles precariously from above the window ledges. Be it home, or commercial building, the same scene is everywhere and for once if you are one of the many thinking of getting an ac installed at home or your office, would surely like to think whether you would also be a part of the same mistake that so many people have committed or not. You, therefore are faced with two simple choices. You can either go for a window ac installation. Or, you can consider a central air conditioning installation in Brooklyn.

Experts who have handled central air conditioning installation in Manhattan are aware of the fact that there are certain factors on which a central air conditioning unit is a better choice any day over a window unit. In their opinion, central air conditioners come with a different structure altogether. The condenser of the machine is placed wither on the top of the roof or in the backyard. A set of pipes are installed that helps the coolant to pass through the condenser into the air handler. This is located close to the furnace of your home. It is this air handler that transfers the cold air through the duct system and into the various rooms of the house.

However, it is on the grounds of energy efficiency that the window unit scores below the centralized system and hence central air conditioning installation in Brooklyn turns out to be a apt choice. The energy efficiency of a centralized system can be measured in two ways. It can either be measured as Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) or as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). EER describes the energy consumption of the unit while it cools a prescribed volume of 95 degree air in a time span of one hour in a special lab. SEER on the other hand measures the average energy used buy the unit at different temperatures and levels of humidity. Window ac units are rated by EER and here is where they are defeated by the centralized units. For centralized units to have an Energy Star certification, a minimum EER of 12 is sufficient. Window units on the other hand only need to achieve a rating that is between 9.4 and 10.7 for the certification.

Window units however cannot be blamed totally for this. Technician handling central air conditioning installation in Manhattan are also adept in handling window units and knows that it is not possible to fit much hardware into that cramped up space. Hence, the lower ratings. New age centralized units are made in a way that they can work at higher speeds compared to the window units in which the condensers just have two: an on and off. That also accounts for why window units are deprived of the SEER ratings.

The difference in energy use happens only for this reason. For those who do not know, air condition units are not only meant for cooling a room; but they also remove moisture. The removal of moisture again depends on how much air passes through the ac unit. Ac units working at full speed are instrumental in lowering the temperature of a room drastically within a short span just by cooling a small volume of air. That volume of air is cooled to a drastically low temperature. Window units with variable speed settings on the other hand fetches the same effect but by cooling a larger volume of air but each unit volume is cooled by a small amount. But then this results in great dehumidification. This point also works in favor of the centralized units as this means that users can set the central units at a high temperature and feel at ease due to less humidity.

There are advantages of window units too, but if you are going out to buy an ac unit based on energy efficiency, then central units are the best pick.


Those shopping for ac units might have a tough time deciding which one to go for, a window unit or a centralized unit. Depending upon energy efficiency, it is better to opt for central air conditioning installation in Brooklyn or in Manhattan.

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Richard Bradford is a freelance writer with many years of experience in writing on various topics, He has previous experience of working with central air conditioning installation in Brooklyn service providers. His recent article talks of which one is better, a window ac or a central air conditioning unit installation in Brooklyn.

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