Windshield Replacement – Signs That Your Car Needs A New One

Windshield Replacement – Signs That Your Car Needs A New One

Windshields are highly worthwhile as they protect the passengers from exterior conditions. They can easily incur damage on the road while driving or otherwise. In certain cases, car glass repair is easy and only takes a few minutes as compared to a replacement.

You can consult professionals or even use a DIY kit. However, if the damage exceeds a certain level, it becomes dangerous to drive with it and replacement remains the only available option. While it implies added expenditure and time off the road, it is absolutely essential for your safety. The following signs suggest that you should get the windshield replaced immediately:


Chips can be caused due to a lot of reasons. Debris on the road, pebbles stuck in the tires of vehicles etc. can hit the windshield and create a chip. However, this kind of damage doesn’t usually warrant replacement as it is restorable. Chips not in the line of the driver’s vision can and must be repaired. Damage in the line of sight, however, requires replacement.  On the other hand, it is absolutely necessary to get the damage assessed by professional as soon as possible because it might lead to a crack through the chip and become irreparable.


A crack on the windshield usually spans more than a chip and can turn out to be hazardous because it obscures vision. Cracks should be treated right away as well, as they might spread and are more dangerous than chips. A repair job is not enough for a crack exceeding 6 inches and therefore warrants replacement of windscreen.


Scratches pose no structural threat as they cannot lead to a shattered windshield. However, scratches majorly decrease visibility. While it might not seem too bad during a clear day, scratches diminish visibility during the winters due to fog or while the sun rays enter directly into the cabin. Scratches are a major reason for car accidents due to decreased visibility. They can be caused by damaged wipers or reasons like stray dogs using the top of the car as a resting place during the nighttime and must be treated immediately.

Shattered Windshield

Accidents can happen at any time while driving. While windshields are wrought with protective strength, they can shatter during high-intensity accidents. A shattered windshield is a type of damage that requires a replacement at the earliest. Drivers are advised to refrain from driving and request a pickup or on-the-road service before driving again. A shattered windshield doesn’t support the roof of the car as it should. Irrespective of the car glass price, get a replacement in case the windshield has shattered.

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