Wood Venetian Blinds Vs Traditional Venetian Blinds

Wood Venetian Blinds Vs Traditional Venetian Blinds

What is best between these two styles? We know that the Venetian blinds window decoration is slatted blinds made from metal (often aluminium, plastic or wood). Bamboo tends to be an excellent wood of choice when manufacturing and distributing wood Venetian blinds. Bamboo is light, durable and very strong.

Bamboo is so strong it is often used in place of metal scaffolding in many Asian countries. In both the traditional and wood Venetian blinds, the operating principle is the same: slats are suspended by strips of tapes (usually made of a hessian cloth), or by a cord, by which every slat will turn together up to 180 degrees. This operation controls the amount of light that is emitted from the outside into the room. When full closed, the Venetian blinds will shut out all daylight, sunlight or any artificial night light from the outside. It will effectively “blind” the room of light – hence the reason we call them blinds.

Traditional or plastic Venetian blinds are better suited in the kitchen or bathroom areas. A living room, bedroom or dining room would better adopt the real wood Venetian blind. The kitchen and bathrooms always seem to be the places where much moisture is produced. It is easier to maintain and clean a plastic blind than a wood one. This is especially so when there is moisture involved. Moreover, the shelf life of a wooden Venetian blind would be dramatically shortened if it were to be exposed regularly to moisture.

The kitchen is a place where there is a great deal of moisture present. Every time the kettle is boiled for a cup of tea, those potatoes are chucking out steam from the boiling water when cooking and the emissions shooting out from the frying pan every time some meat is in the pan, all make the kitchen a hazardous place for blinds.

The bathroom is also a place where moisture is produced in great abundance. Every shower, hot bath or hair drying operation can cause the atmosphere to become humid and damaging to wood over time.

It is such a shame because wood really looks nicer than plastic. Also, bear in mind that the price of traditional Venetian blinds is less than wood, therefore it is a cheaper option to go down that route. Indeed, both options have disadvantages and advantages, without the personal choice factor even being considered.

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