Writing The Best Literature Dissertation

Writing The Best Literature Dissertation

Most people think writing and submitting the final dissertation is the only thing they may need to achieve a successful dissertation. No! This is not the case. To take a stand and have a write-up that will stand from the rest of your colleagues, it’s important to ensure that your dissertation is written and planned in the following manner:

Know the concern issues and explain

You need to formulate the key questions to be addressed in your dissertation and come up with appropriate answers to them. This will only be enhanced by proper research.

Do a thorough research

In order to achieve the best literature dissertation in uk, you need to dig deep into the different materials that can enhance your research. This could be through archive materials in the libraries, conducting interviews in order to get different views, consulting experts in the topic you are working on and you can also review the work done by other PhD students to find out what could have missed in their work that you should include in your work.

Outline the different theories you considered

Theories help in supporting your research. It is important to note down the theories that enabled you come up with your dissertation and explain how each theory enhanced your work. Was the theory applicable or what are the shortcomings of a given theory in your assignment?

Highlight the key themes

These are words that have been used mostly in your review. This words could be unclear to your readers or rather the instructor and it is important to outline them in order to make whoever is going through your work understand them. They should be included at the end of your review for a quick check.

Come up with a summary or a conclusion of your work

In this, you need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your review and also assess the controversial issues. You need to point out the issues that you do not agree with done by other writers and state the gaps and fill in those gaps with your work.

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