You Need Appreciation! Here Are The Ways To Get It

You Need Appreciation! Here Are The Ways To Get It

Despite of doing incredibly well in every walk of life we forget to appreciate ourselves. We all have time to appraise other people, their talent, skills and creativities. But, why we often neglect to appreciate our achievements and happiness? Being a Motivational Speaker, I use to attend several seminars and workshops. Wherever I go, I find people talking about others and their accomplishments. Although considering someone else as a source of inspiration is a good habit, but appreciating your own self for what you have achieved will give you a reason to work even harder.

After working days and nights for your family, I think it is a time for you to appreciate yourself. And to make it happen, I have narrowed down some remarkable ways. I am pretty sure that after practicing the below mentioned ways you will be more satisfied with your life than ever.

Love Yourself

To achieve everything in life, it is important for you to love your existence. I have seen hundreds of people getting dishearten due to tragic incidents and massive losses in life. Well, we all get depressed after going through heartbreaking situations, but it doesn’t mean that we should blame ourselves for everything.

Hard time comes to everyone’s life, but people who love their existence and believe that they can bring a drastic change manage everything in a sensible way. Similarly, you should love who you are, where you are and whatever you have earned. With this approach you can turn things around quite easily.

Stay Positive

I always emphasize on staying positive in all workshops and speeches. Because, it is an attitude that can help you achieve unbelievable milestones in a short span of time. Whatever the lessons life is teaching you, stand solid like a rock and stay positive. Trust me things will start getting better every day.

When I was completing graduation, I had to continue a part time job to pay the tuition fee. Instead of giving up, I faced the challenge, stayed positive and appreciated my abilities. Similarly, never avoid appraising your hard work and commitment to surpass every difficult face of life.

Take a Break from Hectic Schedule

Yes, you heard me right. Apart from busy life and frenetic schedules, spend some ME TIME. Go out with your family for movie. If you have a girlfriend, take her to a fine restaurant for dinner. After doing all such activities you will feel a lot more energized.

In my case, whenever I feel distracted, I take a break from busy routine. This way, I get enough time to appreciate my little achievements. Not only this, I also get plenty of time to plan my next tasks in a better way.

Accept Your Failures

Every single person goes through several failures in life. It is because we humans are not absolutely perfect. However, people who accept their failures and find suitable ways to resolve them achieve more. Therefore, if you are failing to achieve something, accept the truth because every failure brings lot of hopes and motivation to perform even better.

Maintain a Personal Dairy

Apart from office tasks, I would suggest you to maintain a personal dairy on regular basis. The moment before going to sleep, write everything you have done in an entire day. This way, evaluating day-to-day performance wouldn’t be a daunting task. Moreover, you will also get another prominent reason to appreciate yourself for the things you do each day.

Believe me or not, but I strictly follow this technique and it works perfectly to keep a check on daily activities.

Treat Criticism As a Source of Motivation

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls an attention to an unhealthy state of mind” Winston Churchill

People usually get pissed off when anyone criticizes them. On the other hand, I think criticism is just a legit source of getting solid motivation to achieve something huge. During the start of my career, I used to get a lot of criticism, but I didn’t give up. Instead, I took all such denigrations on a positive note and proved my strengths and abilities through non-stop hard work and dedication.

Final Thoughts:

Remember, if you want to spend a happy life, keep appreciating yourself. It is not only important to achieve the goals, but it also works to attain peace of mind which is necessary to deal with every kind of situation.

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Jessica Barden is a Motivational Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur at an essay help UK agency online. She is a passionate marketer and loves to tweet about latest marketing trends and techniques.

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