Your Oil and Oil Filter-These Facts Are Vital To Note

First off, oil change is not difficult a process since you need about half an hour. Essentially, you need an oil change after every 90 days or having run between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. An oil filter has a number of benefits, especially if it is performing well. That truck or car you own needs some proper maintaining so that expensive repairs are avoided down the road. Just like any other vital part of a vehicle, oil filters are way important. With the right filters, you can be sure changing your oil filters will not be in vain. During the process of oil change the oil needs to be replaced as well.

Vital Points

It is important to put into remembrance it is an oil filter that holds any extra grime and sludge caught by the oil as the engine is lubricated. It is also vital to remember filter changing is important during vehicle maintenance. You need not expect the fresh engine oil to go through an old worn out filter since it will not be effective while it is also very dirty. Always use the car’s manual as you find the precise oil filter to understand exactly the size you require. Oil filters can be bought at any Wal-Mart or auto shop dealing with auto supplies with performance filters a little expensive.

Oil Drain

As you drain the oil below your car, find the oil filter, which is usually orange, black, white or blue and cylindrical as per the oil filter brand. A wrench for oil filter is then used counter clockwise in loosening the oil filter. As you might already know, the old filter usually has hot oil in it and you must be really careful while removing it. A single turn with a wrench is able to loosen the old filter and you can complete the removal by twisting it off by hand until it is off.

What to Remember Before Installation

Prior to the installation of a new oil filter, it is wise to use some clean oil before rubbing it about the new filter’s rubber gasket. It is something that aids in the new filter fitting snugly right upon the engine. Proper car maintenance demands that a rag be used to clean excess oils off the region the oil filter will screw onto the car’s engine. The new filter can be screwed easily with the use of a hand onto the engine. It can then be tightened once found to be snug through the wrench for the oil filter. While the filter needs to be tight there is no need of over-tightening to avoid filter damage and causing filter leaks.

What to Remember

Reading the car’s manual is very important to ensure that the right oil filter and oil is being used. Knowing the mileage, model, make and year of the car is vital if you are to purchase the right oil filter for your car.

The mileage and date need to be recorded once the oil has been changed to comprehend when the next oil change is due. Hot motor oil should be handled with care and if you are doing the oil and filter change yourself, mechanic’s gloves are important to ensure the hands remain clean and protected.

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