3 Considerations To Make When Installing A New Sink and Faucet

Our sinks and faucets are typically taken for granted until we realize they don’t do what we want them to do. There is much more that goes into choosing the right faucet than deciding whether you should buy the regular plastic one or the stainless steel beauty. However, it is understandable why people may overlook some of the key characteristics of their faucets and therefore choose the wrong one. In this article I will explore three key characteristics that should be considered when installing a new sink and faucet.

The Installation Itself

This may seem redundant at first glance but it is important to consider how everything is going to fit together before going ahead and making purchases. For example, the countertops onto which your faucet will go will have a particular number of holes made to accommodate a particular kind of faucet. As such, if the faucet you choose requires a different number of holes, you may need to make additional holes or plug holes that are not needed. To avoid this headache, and the extra work that comes along with it, it would be wise to compare the different requirementsof each faucet and keep this information in mind before buying anything. Choosing which faucet you want will depend on what sort of features you want it to have. If you want a faucet with an integrated spout and handle, you may only need one hole whereas if you want them separate, you will need at least two holes.

Pairing Your Faucet with a Sink

The type of sink you have will dictate what kind of faucet you should get. It is often beneficial to get a shorter faucet if you have a deeper sink simply to reduce the amount of splash-back produced. Another consideration that you should make is the sort of pots or pans that you may need to fill up or clean. A tall faucet will accommodate tall pots but may produce a higher amount of splash-back. A good solution for that sort of setup is a faucet with an integrated spout and handle which allows you to have a large amount of clearance while being able to reduce splash-back by adjusting the height of the spout. A good sink and faucet pair will make it a pleasure to wash and rinse your hands as well as your household items. Do not lose sight over the main goal of remodeling this part of your house. It can make a bigger difference than you might think!


Once you have the functionality of your sink and faucet figured out, you can then move on to the aesthetic appeal. Nobody can deny that the way your sink looks partially determines how much you like it and therefore how happy you are with it. Obviously, you can purchase faucets with regular designs but you can also find faucets with incredibly unique aesthetics. These unique designs can really bring your kitchen together and make it something that you can really be satisfied with. This of course will cost a significantly larger amount of money, but if you have the cash it can undoubtedly be worth it. There are cheaper options that offer a decent amount of uniqueness as well so don’t feel as though you need to settle for something really cheap or go all out and by something unique. These days, consumer choices are rarely entirely binary so you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for within your price range.

Although the sink isn’t really a glamourous place to be, it is nevertheless a significant part of your house where you spend a significant amount of your time. Therefore, it should not be overlooked when you are remodeling your kitchen or simply replacing the sink and faucet. This article highlights the most important considerations that you should make when choosing your new sink and faucet which will help you find the sink that you have been looking for.

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