Noting Few Child Custody Mistakes You Can Avoid During A Divorce

During divorce proceedings often parents forget the impact of their separation will create havoc in their child’s life. In most of the States the custody of the child/children is either joint or the parent who is more appropriate to take care of the child is given the sole custody and the other parent is given only visiting rights.

Divorce process always is associated with lot of difficult issues to be faced by the family and the couple. Unfortunately children involved in such situations goes through lot of difficult situations. The deciding factors of child custody in every family court depend upon few considerations.

The considerations are:

  • Child preference in living with the parent he/she likes to live after the separation of their parents. The parent who interacts well or with whom the child feels more comfortable to live with is likely to win the custody case.
  • The parent who is more involved in taking care of the child till present.
  • The age and gender of the child. If the child is under the age of five, most probably mother is given the custody. If it is girl child, then likely the mother is preferred to have the custody.
  • Economical status of the parent is verified to know whether the parent is capable to provide the financial stability required for the well being of the child.

Often the divorcing parents make several mistakes during child custody proceedings which can be easily avoided to win the custody in court. To ensure that all goes well in the favour of the child the parents need to have good judgement of the divorce proceedings over child custody.

The common mistakes you can avoid:

  • You failing as a responsible parent is the most negative issue sure to be working in favour of your to be ex- spouse. Often the parents who solely take part in every activities of their children and take care of their needs and do all parent activities is favoured as a responsible parent before the judge in court.
  • Lack of emotional control often plays a great issue to judge the custody in your favour. You need to control your emotions in front of social workers, people associated with your child welfare (teachers, household servants, and tutors), neighbours and relatives. If you are often seen to do offensive act (shouting and beating) affecting your spouse or doing nasty acts like throwing things in the house, it is sure to count you out of child custody.
  • Don’t influence your child to say things that they don’ like to say while they are interviewed by the jury.
  • Never ignore the advice of your lawyer as they are more experienced in the ways of the custody proceedings, their hints and tips to win the case will be quite helpful.

Never skip out of child responsibilities, share them with your spouse and understand the need of your child/children as your behaviour counts a lot for the best outcome in favouring child custody. For having more details and have best attorneys deal your case in Tulsa, contact the custody attorneys Tulsa.

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