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3 Novel Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and a great many partners are still wondering what kind of gift they should get for their special lady on this most romantic of days. Well, if you are one of these people, then be careful that time doesn’t run out before you get a chance to make up your mind. The Valentine’s market now has been filled to brimming with so many different gift ideas that it can be incredibly hard to figure out what to get. What should you choose?

To help you out, the following is a list of some of the very best gifts that you can surprise your lady with on Valentine’s Day;

A Bouquet of Specially Selected Flowers

While it might sound like a bit of a cliché to some, there’s no more iconic romantic gesture than providing a bouquet of red roses to your lover on Valentine’s Day. From the striking image to the sweet smell, such bouquets are a treat for the senses.

3 Novel Valentine's Gift Ideas

Of course, roses aren’t the only type of flowers which look great in bouquets. If you and your partner have a special memory of a particular location or event, then it could be a good idea to source flowers unique to it. This will show that you have put extra though into your choice, bring to mind a fond sense of nostalgia and add a bit of individual personality to your gift.

A Traditional Camera

These days, memories are worth their weight in gold. From simple selfies to professional photography, there’s nothing quite like seizing the moment and immortalising a wonderful moment between you and your significant other. Whether you’re on a far away vacation or simply out for a nice bite to eat or couple of drinks down at the local bar, having a quality camera at hand is a great way to make lovely but fleeting moments last forever.

3 Novel Valentine's Gift Ideas

While everybody has a perfectly serviceable camera in their smartphone these days, there can be no denying that even the coolest of phones lack that nice, vintage feel of a good old fashioned standalone camera. If you’re feeling particularly old school, go for a ‘develop your own photos’ camera kit. This will essentially give you the opportunity to spend more time together by making an activity out of your camera film development time. You can even develop photos using simple household items!

Name A Star

One of the more ‘out of this world’ trends to come out of the world of romantic gift giving is the naming of a star. That’s right, nowadays you can have a celestial body named after your treasured loved one. This is an interesting and unique gift idea as it is not a material possession and will shine on for millennia, long after we are gone – a long lasting symbol of everlasting endearment.

3 Novel Valentine's Gift Ideas

With so many different Valentine’s Day gift options to choose from, there has never been a better time to be on the lookout for a wonderful gift to give your special someone. Hopefully this article will have given you a few unique ideas that will help you pick out a present that thinks outside of the box (of chocolates).

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