3 Simple Methods Of Getting Hold Of High-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

3 Simple Methods Of Getting Hold Of High-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

Description: There are some simple but effective methods of getting hold of the most high-paying jobs in the freelance writing arena and here we will have a look at these methods.

Text: Are you of the view that it is very difficult to make a good living while working in the form of a freelance writer? I always come across this type of comments from the writers looking forward to quitting their writing endeavors. But this is one point with which I completely disagree. It is the personal experience of an individual that determines whether the freelance writing field is a field of unlimited career opportunities or a field where it is very difficult to earn a good income. During the past week, I referred Den Junk-Free Job Board a $150 post finance blog content and even found a writer being paid $1 per word for a newspaper daily. I know about another writer who dropped the work of a client who pays $30 per post and went for a client paying $175. So, in my opinion, if you make up the mind that there are huge writing job opportunities available throughout the market and that you will not stop until you get hold you find freelance writing jobs that best suit your requirements, you might end up making a good living. However, if you have negative thoughts about every article being worth $10, you would not be able to learn anything more. Thus, or the starters, it is important to ditch their pre-conceptions and embark on the task of finding great freelance writing jobs.

So, you are all prepared to go for better payments.

Are you aware of the steps that you can take in locating better writing opportunities? Here are some useful tips:

Narrow Down your Search Criteria

If you are looking for mass writing jobs like Craigslist juts like thousands of other writers, stop that immediately. You must actually look out for niche jobs that many writers do not look out for. You can find freelance writing jobs at exclusive job boards that offer jobs not all the writers can do. For example, I was able to get hold of some of the most fulfilling business-finance writing jobs with the Gorkana alerts. It is a marketing consultancy that also deals in putting out media and healthcare writing job alerts. Getting hold of such exclusive job listings might be a little difficult as they are generally found lurking on the websites of professional associations or on the back pages of industry trade publications. However, it is always worth the effort put into getting hold of such job listings. This is because the jobs offered at such listings will always be exclusive.

Try Getting Reference

When looking for better-paying freelance writing jobs, it is important to take the help of local writers networking events and local writer listserv. I myself have been a part of the Seattle listserv called Women in Digital Journalism and the local Media Bistro live events held in my locality because these serve as gold mines of information about the markets in my locality. These also serve as great places for getting referral business. The other writers engaged in writing jobs also serve as great sources for getting clear information about the local markets. They are a good source of getting the required information about payments and the most popular job opportunities. They can always help you in saving a good amount of time and therefore you must always try getting hold of such networking groups.

Carry Out a Thorough Research

There is no use contemplating on the fact that which is the best source for getting a decent pay for your content or your article. Instead, you must carry out a thorough research and try identifying the prospective markets that can really pay you very well. Always keep in mind that most writing assignments are not advertised. This is because editors and business owners are too busy to go through the resumes. It is of no use going for the startup online job websites as they do not have revenue.

Bottom Line

If you are really bent on earning more, it is necessary for you to go beyond such shaky operations and get hold of more successful and established markets. Always carry out a thorough research and revenue and find bigger companies. With bigger companies you will always be able to get bigger pays because they earn more revenue.

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