3 Things You Need to Throw an Awesome Pool Party

Pool parties, like any other parties, are only as good as the planning that you put into it. You want your guests to walk away with the impression that they have attended the best pool party they will ever experience in their lives. However, it can be difficult to throw an amazing pool party if you have little experience and need direction on what will make your pool party stand out from the rest. If you plan on having a pool party soon, here are three things you will need to throw an awesome pool party.

An Impressive, Well-Decorated Pool and Backyard

Sure, you could have a pool party with a normal pool, but why do that when you could have a pool that stands out from the crowd and really impresses your guests?To remodel before a party, you could always hire a swimming pool contractor in New Jersey who could help you spruce up your pool before the big day. The biggest focus should be on length, depth, and features such as awesome jets and lights.

Beyond the look of your pool, you also need to focus on the atmosphere that you are going to be providing with the decorations within your pool and throughout your backyard. Depending on the type of party that you are throwing, you might want to invest in some lights that you can string throughout the backyard and in the pool, a cool speaker system that you can use inside and outside of the water, and other decorations that match the overall theme of your party. These decorations will help to improve the overall energy and interest in the party.

A Plan for Multiple Events

If you have a big group of people who don’t know each other or if you have a small group and you are trying to have a pool party, things can become stale quickly once everyone is done hanging out and swimming around. The biggest thing that you want to avoid is idle time in which your guests might feel bored and decide to leave your party. This idle time could also affect the entire energy of the party and bring it to a screeching halt if things are allowed to slow down enough.

To avoid this, try squeezing multiple events together. For example, you can grab some friends, some casual dresses, some great food, and host a barbeque that leads up to the pool party. You could also try to do something such as formal event that takes place once the sun goes down and everyone has to get out of the pool. If you’re feeling extremely adventurous, you could even host more than two events at your pool party. A plan for multiple events is absolutely necessary if you plan on throwing an awesome pool party.

An Awesome Menu

Food is often the selling point of a party for most people. If the food was not great, that will definitely affect your party, and it will be something that your guests will talk about long after the party is over. It’s absolutely vital that you have a collection of refreshing snacks, dishes, and drinks planned out for your guests when they arrive to your party.

What are some foods and drinks that are great for pool parties? Some great ideas that you should feature at your pool party include chips and dip, sodas and waters as well as light alcoholic beverages, barbecued meats, finger foods, and ice cream. However, it’s important that you make sure your food options stand out from the rest. Do your research to find out how you can add your own unique twist to classic party offerings.

Throwing a pool party is easy if you know what you’re doing and you know how to plan one that differs from the norm. Using the three tips above, you will excel at throwing an awesome pool party that your friends will talk about for years to come!

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