Many of us believe that using the sauna and steam rooms is just about sitting in those rooms for hours together, thinking that we would better be able to sweat all of the fats and toxins off our bodies. That, however, is a fallacy. The correct knowledge of how to use these rooms will help you reap immense health benefits apart from having glowing skin and that is exactly what this write-up presents you with. So, here we are with some useful tips on how to use the sauna and steam room so as to gain optimally from either or both.


1. Medical Advice

The first and foremost thing to do is to consult your doctor before entering a sauna or steam room if you happen to have a medical condition.

 2. Avoid Dehydration

Short and simple; sweating implies dehydration. It is, therefore, highly advisable that you would better have lots and lots of water before getting in any of these rooms. Better still, you could carry with yourself a bottle of water and sip some whenever you feel thirsty in there.

3. Maintaining Hygiene is Mandatory

Many of us head to a sauna or steam room right after our workout session. Well, if such is the case with you, we might have a word or two for you on the aspect pertaining to ‘hygiene’. It is always better to first take a shower so that all that sweat and dirt that accumulated on your body during the workout gets washed off. Wiping your body dry thereafter is a healthy practice. Only then should you enter the sauna room because this way it is more hygienic and also will your skin detox more efficiently since it will be a clean surface and will thus absorb more steam from the sauna.

It is imperative for one and all to abide by the safety and hygiene rules. Doing so takes care of the safety and cleanliness inside the room(s) and the rooms remain equally enjoyable for others too once you leave them.


4. The Duration of the Session

As far as the length of your sauna session is concerned, be very clear about staying in the sauna only for as long as you can comfortably handle the heat as well as the humidity in there. It ought to be prohibitive on your part to force yourself to stay in the sauna and steam room for longer than you can handle.

If and when you start feeling uneasy, it is advisable to leave the room and cool down for a while before entering again.


5.Dry Heat Therapy Upon Entering

Your sauna and steam session can be more moisturizing only if you follow this pointer. Upon entering the sauna with a clean and dry body, avail some dry heat for, say, 15 to 20 minutes. On similar lines, avail some dry heat in the steam room for 10 to 15 minutes. Thereafter, once you sweat, have a cold water shower in order to cool down. This way, you are sure to boost your body’s circulation and lose less body heat.


6.Hair Care in There

Before you enter the steam room, make sure to put on a hair mask. The product is bound to better penetrate into the roots and strands of your hair owing to the steam. Thus, the growth of your hair will be stimulated because the circulation of your scalp will be increased. It is the best way to provide your beloved locks with a nice pampering session inside the steam room.

There might be some who have a home steam room or are already done with sauna heater installation in their homes. There might be still others who happen to visit a spa for entering a sauna or steam room. Either case, this guide is going to be of immense use to you.

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