3 Tips For Decorating Your Luxury House

Having a luxury house means undoubtedly being a lucky individual, but it also means a great responsibility. Are you going to waste the chance of taking full advantage of this luxury property?I’m sure you are not. So take your time for furnishing your luxury house properly, choosing the right decoration elements, trying different lightings, putting some plants… just try to make it the best it can be.

At the end of the day, the size of the property or its garden or the fact of having a swimming pool or not aren’t as important as the atmosphere you are able to create inside this house. That’s what really makes the difference. That’s why in this post we okare going to give you 3 tips for decorating your luxury house, so it gets as charming and warm as possible.

Go Minimalist and Practical

Being elegant and exclusive doesn’t mean being extravagant and pretentious. So the first tip is to avoid theexpensive and striking decorative elements. Going for a more minimalist decoration will probably work much better.

At the same time as we choose modern designs we must also prioritize practicality in some elements. For example, does it make much sense buying a dinning table made of some expensive glass in which we are never going to feel comfortable for the fear of scraping it?

Use of Natural and Artificial Lights

One of the best characteristics of a luxury house is receiving a good amount of natural light during the whole day. Luxury houses in Barcelona, specially in the upper side of the city, receive long hours of sunlight, not just because of the Mediterranean weather but also because of their location up in the mountain. If we are in a more northern city, light becomes even more precious as we won’t have so many hours of access to day light, so we will avoid the elements that prevent us from receiving it.

At the same time the disposition of the artificial lights will be crucial in building a nice atmosphere at home. Using white lights we will get wider spaces and if we choose soft lights we will be creating more intimate atmospheres.

Choosing the Colors

It’s advisable to avoid very saturated colors and in case we want to use them, we will preferably do it in rooms where not many elements are displayed. Too bright colors together with a big quantity of elements can create anxiety.

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