Barcelona's Aquarium: A Submarine Walk

Barcelona’s Aquarium: A Submarine Walk

Barcelona has quite a lot of activities to offer so that your stay becomes unforgettable for a long time. It’s internationally known for its weather, gastronomy or culture, but moreover it also offers a wide range of possibilities for the most demanding tourists. No matter if you are travelling with your couple, your family or some friends Barcelona’s Aquarium is a great bet for an outstanding underwater evening.

The Aquarium of Barcelona is home to more than 11,000 fish and marine creatures of 450 different species and is one of the largest aquariums in the world. This is a fun place for both children, who can even camp and sleepamong the fishes, and adults, who have the possibility to dive with sharks.

“The Aquarium of Barcelona hosts 11.000 marine creatures of 450 different species”

The Aquarium of Barcelona, is located in the Old Port of Barcelona, in the CiutatVella district, where we recommend you looking for apartments in Barcelona for days. The complex of the Aquariumhas 35 different aquariums. It has an underwater tunnel of 80 meters with over 100 people working on it. The Aquarium has been visited by 14 million people since its opening on 8th September 1995. It also features exhibitions, cafe, shop, auditorium and other services.

Different Ecosystems

Thanks to the 35 different aquariums we can find diverse ecosystems, and thus diverse species from places all over the world.

  • Mediterranean aquariums: Here you can get to know better the Mediterranean Sea without getting wet, nothing better than a dive through the 14 aquariums in which the marine variety of different communities is shown.
  • Tropical aquariums: In the tropical aquariums a colorful world is shown to visitors, letting them witness the exoticism and charm of the tropical seas.
  • Oceanarium: With 36 meters in diameter and 5 deep, the Oceanariumis the largest aquarium in Barcelona. A glass tunnel runs thought it 80 meters bellow allowing privileges views of sharks, rays, eels and many more.

Diving with Sharks

One of the most special experiences that can be performed in Barcelona’s Aquarium is diving with sharks. In this activity intrepid tourists are introduced into a tank of 4 million liters of water where they can closely observe the behavior of sharks and other aquatic animals. Unfortunately, you will need to hold a diving license in order to do this immersion.

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