The Advantages Of Using Steel Shelving In Warehouses

The Advantages Of Using Steel Shelving In Warehouses

For those people who work in warehouses, they understand the advantages of having the right kind of shelving. Whether it’s used for storing inventory, equipment, or other supplies, steel shelving often proves to be the most versatile and safest type of shelving in these work environments. Available in open and closed styles, it is known for being very sturdy and durable, leading to an increased measure of safety for workers and other personnel. In addition to this, steel shelving offers many other advantages when used in warehouses.

Easily Customized

No matter what is being stored in a warehouse, steel shelving has proven to be the one type of shelving that is able to be customized for a variety of purposes. One of the most popular types of steel shelving that is often customized is bin units, which use full-height dividers that create small, individual storage bins. Ideal for storing smaller merchandise or various types of supplies, these units are most often used in situations where auto parts or other machinery parts need to be separated yet still be very well organized.

Better Adjustability

Steel shelving, unlike other types of shelving such as rivet shelving, has been shown to be more adjustable to fit work spaces in buildings big and small. One of the most frequent ways this shelving is used involves under-mezzanine storage, which is often used for parts storage. Many factors play into why steel shelving is so easily adjustable, including compression clips and the holes punched directly into the shelves to allow for simple and easy rearrangement. As an added feature, these shelves also accept shelf dividers and label holders, allowing for easy organization in virtually any environment.

Available in Multiple Colors

As more workplaces are discovering, shelving does not have to be drab and dull. Today’s steel shelving comes in almost any color imaginable, which allows for colors other than gray or tan be used throughout a warehouse. Many companies use multiple colors of shelving to differentiate between items stored or to clearly mark various areas of a warehouse, which often leads to greater innovation and flexibility within the workplace.

Easy Installation

Of all the types of shelving used in warehouses, steel shelving is the most easily installed type available. Unlike rivet or wire shelving, steel shelving can be stored or installed very close together, allowing more inventory or other products to be stored in much less space. In these situations, open shelving is what’s most often used. With side and end sway braces providing stability, these shelves have an open design for visual inventory as well as being made for easy stocking and retrieval. Ideal for storing bulky or packaged items, they are a very popular choice for many businesses.

Never Looks Out of Place

Whether on the warehouse floor or in an office located inside the warehouse, steel shelves rarely if ever look out of place. Between their open design and multiple color availability, they can be used to store books and manuals in a supervisor’s office or supplies such as first aid kits and other necessities that may need to be accessed quickly.

Whatever their use, steel shelves provide a variety of options to many kinds of businesses, making it easier than ever for employees to conduct their jobs in a safe and efficient manner.

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