4 Areas to Place a Skylight in Your Home

Adding a skylight to your home could give it that wow factor that would make anyone envious. Not only would skylights boost your home’s aesthetics, but they also provide certain functionality. Installing a skylight will allow natural light to enter any room, giving it a warm and cozy ambience. It could also improve the room’s ventilation and airflow. For these reasons, installing skylights in your home would help you cut down your lighting and heating/cooling costs.

Where to Place a Skylight

If you are remodeling or building your home, you should consider adding skylights. Below are the four areas in your home wherein a skylight will be most effective.

Your bedroom

Like most people, your bedroom is probably your favorite part of the house because it is the place where you can fully relax and enjoy your private moments. The last thing you would want is a drab and lifeless bedroom. Now, imagine sleeping under the stars without leaving the comforts of your own home. You can achieve this by installing a skylight in the master bedroom to create a more romantic and soothing atmosphere. During the day, the skylight will also give you ample daylight while still maintaining your privacy.

The family or living room

Adding a skylight with blinds in your living room or den will allow you to fully control the amount of light that enters it. You could lower the blinds if you want a dimmer lighting when watching television or taking a nap. To save energy costs, you could raise the blinds completely during the day for full lighting. There are also solar-powered skylights that provide natural cooling without using electricity.

The bathroom

Bathrooms tend to have high moisture content, as this is the place where we use the most water. Ventilation is crucial to prevent buildup of molds and mildew. Skylights that can be opened to air out the room will be a great addition to any bathroom. Venting skylights do not need electricity to open, making them the better option than bathroom fans. In addition to that, having a skylight in the bathroom would allow natural light to enter without sacrificing your privacy.

The kitchen

A skylight in your kitchen’s ceiling would provide adequate and balanced lighting, which is very important when you are preparing and cooking meals. Using a vented skylight, like in the bathroom, would help release smoke, moisture and other unwanted cooking odors faster and more naturally.

If you want a “greener” and more cost effective lighting and ventilation system, consider adding skylights in the different parts of your home. Contact your trusted roofing specialists to know more about skylights and how to have it installed in your home.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractor for roofing in Columbia, MO.

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