How to apply for a financial compensation for assistance and care by another person?

What to do if you have a sick parent who is not able to take care of themselves? There are thousands and thousands of people who experience the same problem everywhere around the world. It is one of the most difficult situations that are hard for both the parent and the child. But many countries protect people in such cases by providing them with financial support every month. Yes, that is right. Call Jeffrey Law Toronto if you are interested in finding more information about that.

When one of the parents gets sick and their disease does not let them get out of bed or if they end up blind, you have the right and obligation to report that to the competent authorities. Then, they will schedule an appointment with the person who is ill to perform a detailed check and see the condition of the person who is not able to perform even the simplest activities. Once they establish all of that, one of the children or a neighbor, or whoever is closer will be obliged to take care of them and receive a certain amount of money every month. A commission will visit from time to time unannounced making sure that the individual is taking care of the sick person. If they are not taking a good care of them, the financial support will be terminated until the authorities find someone else who could do the same thing.

This financial support is provided for sick people to be able to pay for another person to take care of them. The right for that kind of financial support has every person no matter how young or old they are who have permanent incurable problems, blindness, and other incurable illnesses that needs someone else to take care of them. The amount of money that will be determined depend on the team of doctors that will examine the sick person and then establish the severity of the illness. The more severe the illness is, the higher the amount of money received will be.

The authorities are obliged to notify the user if their request was approved or not. The user has 30 days to complain about the decision and request another session in order to prove that they really need help from another person. It is possible for the commission to make a mistake, so these requests are usually approved and they go second and if necessary they will go for the third time to see the condition of the patient. If they establish that their health is not in a good condition, the individual will be approved to receive financial help in order to give it to another person who will take care of them every day. If you are experiencing a similar situation, hiring a lawyer would be a good decision.

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