Yard with a Rich Look

4 Budget-Friendly Ways To Give Your Yard A Rich Look

Are you starting to find your yard a bit drab and boring? Do you want to liven it up with a rich, romantic and inspiring feel? There is no need to settle for a dull, standard garden with a few trees, shrubs a lawn and a couple of flowers. With a few creative ideas, you can easily create an out of this world look and feel without spending a fortune.

Let’s take a look at a few budget friendly ways to give your yard a rich look.

1. Incorporate Sound and Movement

There are a number of ways to do this but the easiest and most effective way is by adding a water feature. The sound of running water is therapeutic and relaxing. It also has the added benefit of drowning out the neighbours yapping dogs and the passing traffic. Not only that but it will attract birds and other wild life to your garden. What could be better than that?

The movement of the water is also soothing and peaceful to watch and creates a pleasant mood in the garden. It is not as difficult or expensive as you might think. Look around and see what is on offer. Many places supply complete kits that are inexpensive and easy to install. If you are feeling adventurous, you could even make one yourself. All you will need is the pump.

2. Add Your Personal Touch

You want your garden to reflect your tastes and style, it is your haven after all. There are so many different things you could try so look out for ideas and let your imagination run free. Repurpose old items such as a bicycle or an old basket. Paint up some old pots in bright funky colours. Experiment with different textures and ideas. The list is endless and there really are no rules. The only limit is your imagination. Make sure the basics, such as the lawn are neat and tidy. You can discover here some great tips on how to do this.

3. Make Use of Draping

Nothing will add romance and class to garden area like well-placed drapery. Use a quality indoor-outdoor fabric for a touch of drama and instant impact. It will give you privacy and offer protection from the sun.

Weigh the fabric down so it does not blow all over the show and secure it to a gazebo or pergola. Drapes will also soften harsh or unsightly features in the garden with little effort. Nothing could be more romantic than an afternoon under a draped pergola.

4. Spruce Up the Garden Walls

There is no reason the walls of the garden have to be stark grey concrete or whitewashed timber. Again, there are literally hundreds of ideas to creatively decorate your walls and create drama and impact. One of my favourites is to add mirrors. His can be done in a number of ways such as mosaic, a few large mirrors, an abstract design or a collection of mirror tiles. You could add outdoor art pieces to the wall or consider one of the many paint techniques or even a bold mural.

A few window boxes bursting with flowers give a stunning effect and costs next to nothing. Just add a new tray or two of seedlings once or twice a year as the older ones die off.

One aspect of wall art that has become extremely trendy in recent times is vertical gardens. These are fun, easy and cost effective to put together. You could use shelving, metal racks, old pallets or even containers fixed directly to the wall. Play around with succulents or hanging plants for a marvellous effect.

There are many more ideas; you just have to look around for inspiration. With a bit of effort and a small budget, you can easily enjoy a cosy, romantic and rich look in your yard. Have fun creating.

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