Travel by Bus To JB

Johor Bahru is a city in Malaysia which is very close to Singapore. It has a whole lot of enchanting and breathtaking view and attractions. Every day, thousands of commuters travel from Singapore to Malaysia. There are a options available to reach. For instance there are lots of direct bus services from convenient locations such as Jurong East, Woodlands, Yishun to reach JB by bus.

Among other options, there are three bus companies which provide services and leave for JB and worth considering. These are namely:


This the most familiar bus company one sees around Travel by bus to JB. However, there are some points one needs to take into account before deciding to take SBS, such as:

  • It halts at every stop along Bukit Timah Road, Upper Bukit Timah Road and Woodlands road before heading towards the check point.
  • The waiting passengers boarding the bus from check points are way too many. So one is stuck in the long queues.

This bus service charges Distance fare approved by the Transport Council of Singapore. EZ link card is accepted.

Causeway Link

This company is better in terms of the time and the comfort for the passengers.

The passengers get seats where as in case of SBS, it is first come first basis.

Also Causeway link’s CW2 charges a flat rate. Also Manja link Card is accepted by this service. It also accepts payments using EZ links.

Singapore – Johor Express

The frequency of the bus service is low hence the waiting time for the passengers from the Singapore customs to Malaysian side for their passport verification or check is annoying.

  • They charge a flat rate and accept only cash.
  • The number of people with children, board less of these buses.

However, the bad frequency is the low point for this bus company.

Whatever be the bus company, the journey starts. The fare of bus is much cheaper as compared to air fare.

One can take a short nap till it reaches Woodlands checkpoint.

At the check point, one has to get the passport and the belongings checked and stamped.

With this starts the journey for Malaysia. The approximate distance to be travelled is 326 Km which is covered in around 4.45 hrs.

The arrival point in Johor Bahru is at Larki terminal. Almost all bus companies allow passengers to get off at Sri Putri and Tun Aminah bus stops. One just has to inform the driver in advance so that he can stop at the bus stop.

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