4 Electrical Tests to Run On Corporate Buildings Every Year

4 Electrical Tests to Run On Corporate Buildings Every Year

Most of the time, it’s easy to overlook the importance of electricity to your company’s facilities. However, if something goes wrong with the electrical supply, you’ll be quick to realize just how important electricity is to your daily operations. To help prevent an interruption to your company’s power supply, it’s a good idea to have your facility inspected every year to check and make sure everything is operating correctly.


If you have an emergency involving electricity, it’s important that you’re able to stop the flow of electricity as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you could experience significant injuries to your employees or damage to your equipment. Therefore, it’s important to have your electrical shut-offs tested to ensure they can properly interrupt the flow of electricity when necessary.

Emergency Lights

When the power goes out, it’s important to have emergency lights in place so that people can find their way to the exits. Commercial electrical services can test to make sure that the batteries that power these lights still hold a charge so that you’re not left in the dark when the unexpected occurs. Plus, they can upgrade these lights to LED fixtures so that they shine brighter for longer, giving you more flexibility in your evacuation plans.

Supply Availability

Part of growing your company means adding more equipment to your facilities. However, this extra equipment could draw more power than your facility is designed to deliver. Therefore, it’s important to have your facility inspected so that the electricians can measure the load that you’re pulling and ensure that your supply lines can handle this load, plus any load you may add in the future.

Pinch Points

It can be difficult to detect a problem in the miles of cabling that make your facility possible. Nevertheless, even a small pinch point in a single wire could be enough to start a fire that does a lot of damage to your facility. Therefore, it’s important to have the electrical inspectors take a look at as much wiring as possible to check for any evidence of burning or electrical overload. If problems are detected, the contractors will be able to suggest and implement solutions.

Although electricity is dangerous in residential settings, it can be even more dangerous in commercial buildings when you take into account the high voltages required to operate industrial equipment. Therefore, an inspection of your facility’s electrical network is not something you should leave to anyone that happens to be willing to do the job. Instead, it’s important to choose a trusted contractor that has experience with commercial facilities to ensure the job is completed correctly.

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