5 Reasons Why Your Water Is Coming Out In Strange Colors

5 Reasons Why Your Water Is Coming Out In Strange Colors

When your water is coming out refreshing, you don’t give much thought to where it comes from. However, when the water in your home starts to come out a different color than clear, it can be a great cause for concern. Here are five reasons your water may have taken on a strange color.

Mineral Buildup

Water travels through the piping in your home. As the piping inside of your home ages, the zinc layer that is meant to protect the water from contamination wears off. With constant water being transported through the pipes, they will start to rust. This rust will then dissolve into the water and turn it a reddish hue. This is very likely to happen in homes that have steel or galvanized iron.

Algae Buildup

If your water turns green, then it’s a likely indication that you have an algae buildup in your system. This color is most noticeable over time as it leaves behind stains on things like tubs and sinks. This staining is present because the water evaporates and leaves behind the algae residue on the surface. Algae tends to grow where there is a buildup present within your system such as in the filter.

Copper Pipes

While copper has been a commonly used material for piping because of its ease of installation, it does have one major downfall. Over time, copper can wear away and leave greenish stains. This green coloration can be harmful to human beings as copper can cause both liver and kidney disease if ingested in large quantities. If you notice your water is green, give one of your local plumbers a call to evaluate the cause and remedy it.

City Flush Out

If you notice that your faucet is shooting out yellow water, then it’s an indication that the issue may lie in the water distribution system. This tends to happen when you’re connected to a city water line. You’ll experience yellow water as they increase the pressure to routinely flush out the pipes. This yellow hue is created by loose particles like rust that soak into the water.

Black Mildew

It’s common to experience a black hue of water when you’re flushing out a home system that hasn’t been used in a while. The black mildew can grow inside of the piping in large quantities. When the water is flushed out of the faucet and tub, it will come out a horrible black color.

If you’ve been experiencing odd colors coming out of your home’s water supply, hopefully, you now have a better idea of what’s causing it. All of these issues should be readily addressed for the safety of you and your family. If you notice that your water is off tint, it’s always a good idea to call in a licensed plumber to inspect the situation.

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