4 Gardening Tools That Can Be Useful to Rent For Large Projects

4 Gardening Tools That Can Be Useful to Rent For Large Projects

Taking on large outdoor projects can require tools that the average homeowner doesn’t have access to. Fortunately, these tools can usually be rented, preventing you from having to spend thousands of dollars on equipment you only need once. Here are four of the gardening tools you may want to consider renting for your large outdoor projects.

Gas Tiller

If you need to turn over a large area in your yard for planting, a gas tiller can make the project much easier. Rather than spending an entire day using hand tools to turn and loosen the soil, you can easily accomplish the same amount of work in mere hours using a gas-powered tiller. Since these machines can cost hundreds of dollars to buy, though, it’s usually best to rent them by the day.

Skid Steer

If you need to tackle really large projects that involve moving large amounts of material, a skid steer may be in order. These machines are compact and maneuverable, making them easy to use in residential yards. Thanks to the large number of attachments that they can accept, they are also very versatile for outdoor projects. Whether you need to haul away a large amount of brush or drive posts with a specialized hydraulic attachment, a skid steer can make your garden projects faster and easier.

Scissor Lift

For trimming tall trees or tackling other jobs that take you up in the air, a scissor lift can be an invaluable piece of equipment. Finding a scissor lift hire is fairly easy in most areas, and rental costs are typically quite reasonable. By renting a scissor lift, you can save yourself the time and inconvenience of climbing up and down ladders all day.


If you don’t have to cut trees or brush regularly, it may make more sense for you to rent a chainsaw than to buy one. A good chainsaw can cost hundreds of dollars and require significant maintenance. If you only have occasional projects that require wood cutting tools, renting is likely the better option for you.

These are just four of the many types of garden tools you may want to consider renting for your next large outdoor project. The right tools for you will obviously depend on the nature and scope of the project you’re tackling. By renting, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in tool costs and keep the price of your outdoor projects reasonable.

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