4 Items to Replace In Your Home Before Winter Hits

4 Items to Replace In Your Home Before Winter Hits

As winter approaches, the need to protect your home from it grows as well. You might be saying to yourself, “Well, I already fixed that stuff last winter.” The fact is that any repairs should be looked over once again. After all, it’s been a whole year since components have been allowed to move throughout the machine. However, there are more items around the home that would need to be repaired. The following includes four items you need to replace around your home before the harsh winter months roll in.

Sump Pump

The winter months can fluctuate in temperature throughout its duration. You may see three inches of snowfall within one night and suddenly experience a drastic temperature spike in the afternoon. When this occurs, snow will begin to melt in great quantities. This is where the importance of your sump pump comes in. A sump pump acts as the last line of defense against floods, condensation build-up, and drain water. If you have not taken the time to ensure that your sump pump is working, then you may experience severe flooding within your basement.

Electrical System

During the winter months, people are much more likely to use electricity to keep their homes warm and well-lit. However, if there have been issues with your electrical system, then this is the time to bring in an electrician to repair any issues. Failure to do so may cause your home to plunge into darkness, and that is not exactly the best situation to find yourself during those dark, cold nights.

Leaky Doors/Windows

One of the most common ways homeowners lose energy is through their doors and windows. Over the year, your doors and windows will expand due to the weather. During winter, this can leave small gaps exposed even after you’ve closed them. In terms of windows, the best and most affordable route to take is adding weatherstripping. If you want a short-term fix that will last you at least throughout the winter months, self-stick plastic is a good option. Those wanting a more permanent solution would fare better with bronze weatherstripping. Weatherstripping may also be applied to your doors in the same manner. It should be noted that even after you’ve applied the weatherstripping, you must continue to look for gaps to ensure a proper repair.

Water Heater

As it ages, you might find yourself calling a water heater repair service more frequently. If this is the case for you, it might be time to just replace it. If the water coming out of your shower and faucets is getting colder, you will want to ensure you have plenty of hot water for winter. 

As you can see from the information above, there are plenty of items to take care of this winter. However, any repairs done will only be effective if they are taken care of at least a month before winter begins within your region.

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