4 Outdoor Winter Hobbies You Should Try At Least Once In Your Life

4 Outdoor Winter Hobbies You Should Try At Least Once In Your Life

Some people like to take in the view of a blanket of winter snow on the ground. However, most people would say that they enjoy this from the comfort of their living rooms with a cup of hot cocoa or tea in hand. Going outside for activities during winter may not seem like an ideal move at first, but there are plenty of things out there that you should take a crack at once. You might find a favorite new hobby.


You’ve probably made a snowman or two in your day. If you have fond memories of this activity as a child, why not try your hand at something similar in adulthood? You can use ice and snow to attempt some beautiful pieces that really stand out. Some people who do this regularly use the standard hammers and chisels, but you can take a crack at it even with unconventional tools like shovels. Like many hobbies, you may find a community of people in your area dedicated to this one.


If you talk to any seasoned hunter for long enough, they will probably tell you that winter hunting can be just as enjoyable as the summer or fall versions. Hunting can be a nice way to get some exercise, keep on the move, and see the wonders of nature during the colder months. It’s worth it to take some time to look at various hunting rifles and decide which one might be right for your needs. Best of all, the movement from hunting may just help you stay warm out there.

Dogsled Races

You may have seen a film or documentary about the dogsled racing that happens each year. It’s an exciting race to watch, but there’s nothing stopping you from trying it yourself. You might need to round up a few trained animals first, however. This sport usually takes place in regions such as Alaska or in parts of Canada, but there are plenty of places in other states that have an accommodating sledding environment as well.


Perhaps you’ve already done your fair share of sledding and are looking for a different kind of challenge. If so, don’t hesitate to look at the sport of airboarding. Instead of a sled, you’ll use a special kind of cushion to glide on the surface of the snow. This method is typically faster than the more conventional version of sledding, and there are unique edges on the cushion to help you control your direction.

Although it can take some extra planning and care, your options for enjoying the great outdoors when that temperature gauge is frosty are numerous. It’s always nice to relax on the couch and warm up after a day in the cold, but don’t let the chance to try out some of these hobbies pass you by. You might surprise yourself, and you could find a new reason to look forward to winter.

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