Looking to Remodel Your Kitchen? Here Are 3 Styles You Should Consider

Looking to Remodel Your Kitchen? Here Are 3 Styles You Should Consider

If there’s one room you should consider remodeling, it’s your kitchen. The kitchen is a much more important room than you may realize. It is one of the first rooms that would-be buyers will want to see. A newly remodeled kitchen can increase the value of a home. It’s also a very social space where family and friends meet to enjoy a good meal and socialize. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, there are many great design aesthetics to choose from. Below are three styles you should consider for your kitchen remodel.


The kitchen should be an inviting space that exudes feelings of nostalgia and warmth. One design style that can easily exude those positive feelings for family and guests alike is a country farm style that tries to replicate the atmosphere of a farmhouse kitchen from around the 1920’s or earlier. The kitchen is of course for preparing food, and the classic country farm certainly has a positive psychological connection to food in most people’s subconscious.

To create this aesthetic, look for tables, chairs, lighting and more that have the classic country appeal. The entire space should be brightened up with lighter colors, and make sure to bring the light of the sun into the room as well. Add further decoration with cute accents featuring farm animals like roosters and cows. Bring some antiques from real farms into the space as well to really nail that country atmosphere.


Of course, certain homeowners don’t really want a more classic cozy look. Instead, what they wish for is sleek and cutting-edge. If this is the case for you, you may be better suited for a modern style kitchen. The modern style is hard to pin down and has evolved over time. However, today it can be best described as sleek, sexy and high tech. You shouldn’t only be looking for appliances and furniture. You should also be looking for high tech gadgets that can be controlled with smartphone apps.

To create that modern look, aim for simplicity in design. All clutter should be removed. Stainless steel and reflective surfaces can help create a modern aesthetic. So can well polished woods. Add a bit of luxury as well such as quartz countertops to complete the look.


Third, you may want a kitchen that bridges the gap between a classic and modern look. If this is the case, you may prefer a rustic style kitchen. For lighting and fixtures, choose materials like copper and wrought iron. For different surfaces, brick, stone and natural wood can make big visual impacts. Your shelving should be open, and you should go for apron front style sinks as well. Go for a more natural color palate and choose accents that are industrial or worn looking to emphasize that rustic look.

The kitchen is very important. As such, you should put a lot of thought into its aesthetic design. Even if you don’t choose one of the three styles above, put in the time and effort to create a kitchen with the enticing atmosphere you want. It will raise the value of your home and create a great space for your family to enjoy.

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