Fleet Management: How to Keep Your Trucks On The Road Longer

Fleet Management: How to Keep Your Trucks On The Road Longer

Like with any business, success in the shipping industry is predicated on getting the most value out of your physical capital. When you’re in the shipping industry, your fleet represents your main capital. To maximize profits, you’ll want to keep your trucks running as long as possible. Every time you keep an old truck on the road instead of buying a new one, you avoid a potential cost. Over time, increasing your vehicles’ longevity could save your hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here’s how to increase the lifespan of every truck in your fleet.

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

In order for your trucks to stay in tip top shape, you need to make sure they’re regularly looked after. Trucks are complicated machines, with lots of intricate components and moving parts. If you miss regular inspections and skip routine maintenance, your vehicles will quickly fall into disrepair.

Make Sure Drivers Act Responsibly

Nothing is as frustrating as losing trucks to driver error. First of all, you should only hire drivers you know you can trust. Then, be clear with your employees, explaining at length that you expect them to maintain high standards. Make it known that you won’t accept distracted driving, and stress that regular breaks are more important than making record time. If your drivers are too tired to drive safely, it’s better that they rest than put your trucks (and their lives) at risk.

Take Charge of Small, Regular Repairs

Don’t let small or seemingly insignificant problems go unresolved. Eventually, even these minor issues will grow or cause another, larger problem. Make sure you have a mechanic within the company who can take care of minor repairs as they crop up. 

Also, have some basic supplies on hand to deal with common problems. You’d be smart to keep some items, like Scania left hand headlamp parts, on hand. That way, these repairs can be taken care of as quickly as possible to minimize downtime. 

Keep a Careful Eye on the Tires

When a truck’s tires become worn or deflated, they put the entire vehicle at risk. Not only do worn tires make steering more difficult (thereby increasing the risk of accidents), but they also put stress on the suspension system. Replacing your worn tires as soon as you notice a problem will help your trucks last longer.

When you’re in charge of a shipping fleet, keeping your trucks on the road makes good business sense. Follow this advice to make your vehicles last.

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