4 Secrets to Maintaining a Highly Targeted Ad Campaign

Structuring a highly targeted ad campaign is not unlike an archeological dig. First, the subject of the campaign is determined and then the targeted audience is identified.

Each segment of the targeted audience is scrutinized and separated according to age, gender, geo-location nationally and/or internationally, brand and brand grouping. Once this data is validated through marketing research and ad campaign metrics, what emerges is a highly targeted, well articulated ad campaign.

Targeted Ads Should Be Evergreen and Memorable to Be Effective

It is worth relating that 76 percent of customers shop online according to a 2019 poll by Marist College and National Public Radio (NPR).

Nike brand has had the most success with highly targeted ad campaigns such as Nike’s Find Your Greatness and Just Do It Ad campaigns. These ads are evergreen and memorable because they strike at the foundation of inclusiveness for targeted audiences.

Targeted Ads Should Link Targeted Customer Audience to Brand

When marketing research determines the identity of the highly targeted market, it also links customers within that targeted market to the brand.

As an example, many large cosmetic brands are targeting older women in their advertising and promotions specifically because of an aging population and the low birth rate. Thus, makeup, moisturizers and anti-aging cosmetics ads rely on older female models for their ad campaigns. Top brands cosmetic companies such as Revlon, Lancome and Cover Girl all feature ads with female models over the age of 60. Thus, these brands are target a highly specific customer audience.

Targeted Ads Should Have a Proven Track Record of Unique Specificity and Customer Value.

As part of maintaining a highly targeted ad campaign, ads should have a proven track record customers quickly identify with unique specificity that meets particular needs and offers optimal customer value.

Customers may try new products and services, but if these lack unique specificity, highly targeted ads fail. This is also true for customers’ perceptions of value for cost of goods or services.

Targeted Ads Maintain Longevity with Constant Data Tracking

Maintaining longevity for a highly targeted ad campaign requires constant data tracking of website, social media and hard copy ads to evaluate effectiveness and return on investment of the campaign. This also helps to improve and make changes to adapt to the particular target market.

The four secrets to maintaining a highly targeted ad campaign are used by the top advertisers with the most ad campaign success. By assessing effectiveness using IP Targeting Software, ad campaign metrics and marketing research data, the result is a useful, comprehensive compendium for future campaigns.

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