4 Signs You Have A Deceased Wild Animal Somewhere On Your Property

4 Signs You Have A Deceased Wild Animal Somewhere On Your Property

Pests or critters share the surrounding areas with humans, but most people don’t like them in their homes. Unfortunately, some animals can get into spaces in your home or apartment without your knowledge. In some cases, the creature will get stuck and expire. There are some signs you can look at for that might tell you a deceased wild animal is somewhere nearby.

Rank Odor

As an animal’s body decomposes, it will start to give off a terrible smell. If you notice an odd odor that seems to dissipate quickly, it may be nothing. However, bad smells that last for days or weeks are a good sign that an animal has died. The length or intensity of the odor can depend on the size of the creature, and larger animals can give off a smell for months.


If you notice that your ceiling or walls have a strange color, it could be a sign that an animal has crawled somewhere in there and died. If you’ve had a pest problem with small rodents at any point, you might put traps or poisons out to take care of the issue. However, dying animals like to find secluded locations when they sense the end. You could also make more work for yourself and do damage trying to get a carcass out of these areas. It is a good idea to go with a professional wildlife removal service to take care of these problems with a minimum of fuss.


If the animal is in a spot that is hard to see or access, you might still find a clue in the form of maggots. Their numbers will start out small, but they will grow steadily as they continue to eat through the rotting flesh of the critter’s corpse. Eventually, some of them may crawl to an area that is easier for you to see as things become overcrowded on the body of the deceased critter.


Flies are the logical next stage when maggots are present. One or two flies from time to time could be considered normal on any property. If you notice a big increase in the number of flies buzzing about, it is an indication that maggots feeding on a dead animal have matured. You can look for a concentration of flies to see if they can lead you to the animal.

In addition to being inconvenient, it is important to remember that many wild animals can carry harmful bacteria or diseases with them. Although it is relatively common to see some predatory animals in rural settings, a noticeable increase in their presence is another sign that something nearby may have died. Some areas have strict laws when it comes to carcass removal, and these regulations are another reason to call the professionals.

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