4 Simple Steps To Turning Your Garage Into A Gym

So many of us use the garage as a dumping ground. We throw in boxes full of unwanted possessions. Items build up over the years and clearing it out becomes a bigger and bigger task. Not only that but it gets dirty and unusable. If this sounds like your garage, you’re missing a big trick!

Your garage has the potential to give your home extra space. With a little work, they make the perfect gym, workshop or additional living area. We often ignore it because there are so many alterations to make. However, if you set aside a weekend, you could be well on your way. Not only will you give you and your family an extra room, you might just increase the value of your home. Here’s how you can get started on turning the garage into a gym (or anything you like!)

  1. Clear it Out

There’s no short cut when it comes to clearing out the garage. You’re just going to have to get stuck in. Get rid of the cobwebs and start throwing those old boxes away. It’s difficult to part with old possessions, but try and pass them on to a charity shop. Perhaps you could sell them at a garage sale or car boot event. Now that it’s empty, it’s time for a deep clean. Get the pressure hose out and get into all the darkest corners of the garage. This can be a mammoth task, but if you have a goal to work towards, it makes it easier. Keep thinking of the new gym!

  1. Flooring, Walls and Door

The next step can be as easy or as complex as you decide. If you want to keep it to a simple storage room, you can skip this step. If you’re after a more liveable space, you should consider these aspects. The floor ought to be damp proofed with a protective membrane. It should then be finished with a second flooring. The walls will need a little work too. Damp proofing, some insulation and plaster work will make it into a liveable space. Finally, the garage door may need some work to keep out draughts. You’ll find fast garage repairs and installations in Dallas and most other cities closeby.

  1. Extend the Utilities

If you want gym equipment, a TV or extra lighting, you’ll need to extend the electricity supply. This is a fairly straightforward task for an expert electrician. You may also want to consider extending the plumbing or the heating if you’re thinking about a big conversion. This is a bigger job but has its rewards. If it’s a gym you’re after, you’ll want a good air conditioning system in there. Finally, make sure the wireless internet can cover the distance and reach your new room.

  1. Added Value

Done correctly, a converted garage will give you a new space and added value. Offering potential buyers an additional room is an attractive prospect.

Now that you’ve done all the work, it’s time to take advantage of the new room. You deserve it! Fill the new gym with a running machine, punch bag and a big sound system to keep you going. Try an old couch, a TV and a mini fridge and you’ve got your own private living room. The choice is yours!

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